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12 Retail Merchandising Best Practices to Follow in Your Store

12 Retail Merchandising Best Practices to Follow in Your Store
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Your store’s visual representation is the customer’s first impression of your brand. If done correctly, you would receive as many customer referrals while retaining the loyal ones. The art of the entire retail merchandising process is tricky, and your eye for perfection and display strategy must be on point.

It would be best to reflect on your brand’s personality by employing in-store merchandising techniques. Here are 12 best practices for a better retail merchandising process that could help you take the revenue graph high and give customers a satisfactory experience with your brand. 

The Power of Window Displays

As customers, we all tend to worry about store window displays because it offers the best product inside to lure customers. Make sure you practice the same approach. Be a creative master and choose a theme to decorate the window just enough to catch people’s eye. 

The Perfect Ambiance

Ambiance can do a lot to a customer’s mood. Putting lights close to a stand of footwear to highlight its feature and make it more appealing is one way of doing it. You should create a stimulating and pleasing shopping experience for people and make them forget what’s outside for whatever minutes they spend inside.

Signage for Easy Navigation

A floor layout plan and signage can help people figure out where to find what. If you have a big store, people can quickly lose their way and leave frustrated. It is essential to take people to the right products to drive maximum sales, understand their requirements, and develop a plan of action that continues to sustain your retail store for as long as you want. 

Set up POP Displays

POP or Point of Purchase Displays is a way of advertising placed close to a specific product to draw attention. These advertisements act as sales reps highlighting features of the product or iterate offers/deals, which entices viewers to grab the item from the shelf. 

Story-telling through Visuals

Whatever you decide to put up displays or model-sized posters, make sure it resonates with your brand identity and narrate a story to attract people. When people give referrals and talk about your brand outside, they should be fascinated by your story and be able to share it.

Product Placement Technique

As we mentioned before, the way you place the products inside the store says a lot. If you have new season stock which could appeal to the customer, make sure it is strategically placed on the shelf at the eye’s level. Make customers want the product just by placing it in a specific way.  

Cross-Merchandising Method

Cross-merchandising is a method where you keep two closely related products. You must have seen elite brands like Zara displaying dresses with accessories like purses and footwear matching the outfit, and it is how you cross-merchandise to make people want more. 

The Trial-Method before Buying 

The trial method goes with the food and beverage section in the supermarket, where a sales rep would offer you to try a sauce, a fry, or a new cheese product to get your reaction. It is merely done for people to experience the item and make a purchase decision. 

Leverage your Staff 

Make your staff represent your brand and utilize them as moving merchandisers to help people choose an item. You can make your staff wear a product with slow or dropping sales and display it inside the store, acting as sales reps. 

The Impulse-Buy Technique

An impulse buy technique makes customers purchase small items at the snap of a finger even if they do not have the budget to buy big things. Supermarkets have a few things like candies, chocolates, and other stuff placed on the cash counter as an Impulse buy strategy. 

Keep the stock and Display Fresh.

To keep customers interested in what your store offers, it is essential to change the display, keep the shelves full, and change its theme. As you would keep a social media calendar to keep the visibility on point, do the same with your store. 

Keep a Close Eye on your Sales.

Whatever tactics you employ as part of in store merchandising solutions, observe the sales coming out of it. Be open to experimenting and repeating a tactic that has brought more sales. 


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