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A Variety of Internet Providers

Anyone who accesses the internet has to have someone to provide them with software to access web sites. This is done through internet service providers, also known as ISPs. There are a large number of ISP’s that offer you deals on packages such as dial-up connection which is a very low Bps rate to one of the highest of 3.0 Bps. There are also a variety of companies which offers their own software as well as providing you with internet service. Choosing the one that is right for you may be a little difficult depending on your location and access to services.

The slowest internet providers in the country are the dial-up providers. This is because the telephone lines that your connection comes through are only able to handle a certain speed through the line. These types of internets providers interrupt your telephone service while you are online and many times if you have caller id, you are bumped off of the internet if a call comes in. They are not a reliable connection because of the slow download and upload speeds they carry but are good and inexpensive for the occasional internet user.

Some wireless cell phone companies offer two ways of accessing the internet. The wireless providers allow you to use your cell phone as a modem for your computer while others sell you an internet card that attaches to the USB connection on your computer. This card can be used for laptops or desktop computers and allows you to access the internet from anywhere. These cards are somewhat expensive but are well worth the money if you are a business traveler and use a laptop while you are on trips. You must also pay for the time used through the wireless cell phone companies, and this cost can really add-up for people who use the internet a lot.

Cable companies also provide internet service to their customers. They offer their own free software as well as high speed connections. The internet is accessed through your cable line. This line is then connected to a modem which connects to your computer through and Ethernet cable. The only problem with this service is when the cable goes out, so does your internet. Cable companies are not reliable ISP’s when it comes to your connection. You are often bumped off of the internet by static in the cable line or the updating of the cable service that comes with the cable service.

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