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Boost your subscription service signups with custom printed shipping boxes

Boost your subscription service signups with custom printed shipping boxes

How is your branding coming along? Are your subscription sales meeting the desired targets? If you are finding it difficult to rise above the competition, custom printed shipping boxes can bail you out with offbeat layouts and appearances.

But what it offers is beyond the usual branding scope. Subscription businesses try to gain customer trust so they continue with their subscriptions. It takes more than an ordinary display of the brand appeal to excite customers into making their first purchase and continue doing so.

Decoding the subscription business

Subscription products range from cosmetics, skincare, medicines to food products and everyday essentials. This means that your brand can offer the same products on individual sales orders as well as subscriptions.

But one thing remains the same and that is generating a favorable customer reaction every time. Changing e-commerce landscapes have evolved the subscription markets too. Where this sector was mainly dominated by services, it has expanded over the recent years to provide customer staple items too.

As an e-seller, you have to realize that when customers order online, they are looking for convenience along with getting a good substitute for tangible retail shopping. What could provide that? Well, if market surveys are anything to go by, the shipping boxes can help brands to impress clients in more ways than one!

What are the box types available?

You must have seen the subscription boxes in varied formats. This is because not a single box size and shape can meet every brand’s objectives nor fit well with the products. Every business supports distinct marketing strategies along with offering a host of product types.

For instance, can food items be boxed in the same packaging as CBD products? We think not!

Other product characteristics like the weight and storage requirements can be better met with the inclusion of precise box forms.

Here we will introduce you to the possible subscription box kinds so you can pick the one that fits perfectly with your plans and motives.

custom printed shipping boxes
  1. One-piece fold

It is one of the most common shipping boxes. Catalogs, journals, and books are commonly placed in such a box shape. The box consists of a total of 4 flaps with 2 of the long flaps forming the top of the box. The rest of the 2 short flaps provide an extra platform to firmly establish the box.

The bottom is flat and made with varying box strengths depending on the products. Moreover, the boxes come in all sizes to accommodate all kinds of contents. You can use the same subscription box for sending more than one specific product.

  • Box and lid

Custom printed shipping boxes with separate lids are particularly designed for subscription items that come with extensive width and depth. The lid of the box is cut out from the bottom and makes for a regal display of products. The boxes can be made with little wastage and thus makes for an ideal option for treating eco-conscious customers.

Additionally, the boxes are shipped flat to sellers, making shipping economical and convenient to store. The boxes are available in various colors and printing options. For example, you can choose to print the box with simple colors while designing the lid with patterns and textures. It would help to offer buyers a retainable unboxing experience. Different branded sealing choices also make them safe for use.

  • Self-locking window cut design

The boxes are basically made with a die-cut window that gives a sneak peek into the product. This design is widely used in e-commerce markets usually for lightweight items including cosmetics, small electronics, home décor, etc.

Custom cutting can place the window on any box spot. Moreover, the firm locks secure the products more diligently and help to preserve the products efficiently.

The boxes prove to be pocket-friendly too as the lightweight aspect lowers shipping freight. Packaging materials are also used efficiently which lowers the overall packaging costs. Creative box printing options give a premium finish to the boxes that customers would want to experience time and over.

  • Regular slotted containers

This style of the box comes in 4 flaps, each having the same length. This design is aimed at making the side flaps meet at the box center to provide robust protective gear. The flaps are held in place via strong tapes and adhesives that can also be branded for better results.

The best thing about this design is that you can get the boxes in single, double, or triple walls using usually Kraft card stock. The material is compatible with most printing techniques and offers a smooth production process that isn’t dependent on seasonal changes. Mostly heavy and fragile items are shipped in such boxes that are renowned for extending favorable storage conditions too.

  • Five-panel wrap packages

This style is perfect for packaging narrow or vertical products that can’t fit into regular shaped boxes. You can craft out these boxes from corrugated cardboard with single or double wall sides. There are five box panels that get wrapped around the products. They overlap each other, providing secure ends of the packaging.

You also have the option to customize the boxes with different color schemes and the desired artwork. Improved box appeal and more secure products pave the way for continued subscriptions and hence inflated sales levels.

  • Custom sleeves

Sleeves come in rectangular or square shapes. They come onto the basic packaging boxes and provide better protection as well as add to the brand’s value proposition.

Certain clothing items can be directly packaged in sleeves and then boxed together in a single container. This helps to save on investing in a lot of boxes while securing the contents more prudently. Sleeves made of rigid paper look regal and convey premium brand vibes.

The shape and style of the custom printed shipping boxes matter to elevate the quality of the subscriptions offered.


Once you get to know the types of boxes and their functions, your annual sales revenues would never dip again!


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