Home General Can you Freeze Potatoes? – Some Simple and Easy ways to preserve them!

Can you Freeze Potatoes? – Some Simple and Easy ways to preserve them!

Can you Freeze Potatoes? – Some Simple and Easy ways to preserve them!

Want to know some basic yet best ways to freeze some potatoes then make sure that you read this entire article. Here, we are going to share some remarkable ways through which you can preserve the most dynamic vegetable!

No matter in which corner of the planet we live, almost all of us are die-hard fans of potatoes. We love to include this starchy goodness into our recipes, whether it is summers or winters. However, it is not possible to buy potatoes freshly from your nearest market. Hence, in order to solve the potato crisis, we have an extremely simple solution for you. Here, we will share some super easy ways to freeze your potatoes so that you can use them in your recipes at any time of the year!

Why Freezing?

Before we go into the details of the can you freeze potatoes and how to freeze them. Let us know why do we need to freeze these amazing veggies in the first place.

The short answer to this is that it is hands-down the most dynamic vegetable that you can use in almost any recipe. Moreover, it is extremely easy to cook, and moreover, you can choose any method to make any potato dish as well. However, due to the harsh weather conditions or a general lack of availability, one may need to freeze or preserve the potatoes so that you can use them in the long run. Moreover, the best thing that one can do is prepare a good stock of frozen potatoes to don’t run short of amazing and starchy vegetables.

How to Freeze Potatoes?

Now, there are some basic methods through which you can freeze the potatoes. Let us take a look at some of the most simple yet effective methods via which one can freeze potatoes.

Method 1- Freeze them whole.

The most convenient or easiest way to freeze potatoes is to freeze them whole. With this method, you can easily get your hands on a whole potato in the off-season as well. In order to freeze your potatoes whole, first, you need to wash them thoroughly. As we all know that potatoes grow under the ground, and hence they are covered in soil. So, the first thing that you need to do before you freeze them is to wash them off thoroughly. Now, put them whole into a deep freezer and take them out whenever you want to.

Method 2- Chopped and Ready’

Another great way to freeze your potatoes is to put them into the freezer in small batches and chopped form. In this manner, you can directly use a batch of frozen potatoes directly into your dish. The process to freeze your potato is quite similar to the original method. First, you have to clean them deep and then chop them up into your choice of size. Once it’s clean and chopped, you have to quickly blanch them and keep them for deep freezing. 


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