Cheney Committee on January 6 has “firsthand evidence” that Ivanka requested Trump to intervene in the insurrection


    The members of the House Committee on a select inquiry into January 6 announced on Sunday that they had crucial testimony concerning communications with the former president Donald Trump on the day of the attack that killed a person.

    Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, Vice-Chair of the committee as well as one of the two Republican members, spoke to ABC News that the panel can provide “firsthand testimony” that during the incident Trump’s daughter and former senior advisor Ivanka Trump demanded to step in. And Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, stated to CNN the panel had “Significant evidence” concerning”admittedly” the White House “had been told to take action.”

    “We know his daughter — we have firsthand testimony that his daughter Ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to ‘please stop this violence,'” Cheney stated to ABC News.

    CNN earlier published a report on a few of these incidents, as which are described by the authors of “I Alone Can Fix It,” written by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, and “Peril,” written by Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Ivanka Trump repeatedly tried to intervene, calling her dad three times. “Let this thing go,” she said to him. “Let it go,” she said, following “Peril. “

    Thompson spoke to that CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” Sunday: “We have significant testimony which leads us to believe there was a possibility that Thompson was told by the White House had been told to take action. We’re looking to confirm everything in order that when we write our report and are held to hear the report the public will have the opportunity to witness the evidence for their own.”

    He said: “Well, the only thing I can say, it’s highly unusual for anyone in charge of anything to watch what’s going on and do nothing.”

    Thompson was asked if he believed in President Trump’s actions in the criminal referral for insurrection, Thompson replied: “We don’t know … If there’s anything we come upon as a committee that we think would warrant a referral to the Department of Justice, we’ll do that.”

    The remarks are made just days before that first-anniversary date of the assault, during which the mob of Trump supporters temporarily overpowered police officers and took over the Capitol with officers, threatening them and destroying portions of the building that are renowned. The chaos that ensued led to the deaths of several individuals on the morning of the incident or the next day and the officers who responded to the Capitol in the aftermath of the attack were later killed by suicide.

    Thompson’s committee has been looking into the incident and the events that led up to it since the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, the majority of the committee’s work up until now is conducted behind closed doors. As a result, an interim report on their findings will not be released until the end of summer.

    The panel chairman said this Sunday the committee had “some concerns” about potential financial fraud perpetrated by Trump and his associates in the insurrection.

    “It’s extremely worrying for us to see people seek to raise funds for one event, but we are unable to identify the amount of money that was used for the particular event,

    The official wouldn’t also confirm if the panel was contemplating subpoenaing members of Congress, including Trump’s close ally Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, to work in the members of the.

    “We know his daughter — we have firsthand testimony that his daughter Ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to ‘please stop this violence,'” Cheney said to ABC News.” said the congressman. “That’s the reason we’ve asked them in a voluntary manner.

    Thompson stated that the panel is currently working on evidence and documents from witnesses about the fake “War room” in the Washington Willard Hotel that was run by Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon on The day of the.

    CNN earlier stated the fact that Kerik, who was the ex-New York City police commissioner, published emails that showed his cutting of the payments for a suite room in the hotel which was where the Trump’s after-election “war room” operated, and also directing Giuliani to pay a portion of the cost.

    In an ABC interview, Cheney repeated her firm concerns about Trump’s qualifications for the next office.

    “Anyone who is not willing to do this, any person who would incite an assault violently upon the Capitol to stop the count of electoral votes, or any person who would be watching television while police officers were being assaulted and his supporters swarmed the Capitol of the United States, is clearly unfit to hold a future office,” Cheney declared. “Clearly will never be close to in the Oval Office ever again.”

    If she believed that the report of the committee’s investigation will change minds, Cheney said she has faith since the work is conducted on a bipartisan basis.


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