Home Business Choosing The Right Shell Scheme Printing Method For Your Project When You Attend An Event

Choosing The Right Shell Scheme Printing Method For Your Project When You Attend An Event

Choosing The Right Shell Scheme Printing Method For Your Project When You Attend An Event

There’s an event that’s ideal and you’re looking forward to the potential it holds for your company. It’s crucial to design your exhibition correctly. Working in conjunction with a shell scheme graphics design firm will allow you to look at 3D visualisations of your exhibit and help you improve your marketing.

What Is The Shell Scheme?

Shell schemes are rows of pre-erected stand frames which define your floor space. They are typically made of steel with blank 1m-wide panels between each pillar of metal. Based on the type of package offered by the organiser it could include carpet or lighting, however, you’ll typically get a nameplate of a generic design on top of the perspex signs as well as an unfilled shell.

Shell scheme panels are usually hired, but are often purchased and stored for later use. This is especially beneficial when you have a lot of events scheduled since you could reuse some of the equipment. If your budget includes an area-only stand, it will provide you with a nicer stand, and also an ideal space to mingle with your clients.

You can become more imaginative and increase brand recognition by working in conjunction with a graphic design firm or an exhibition stand builder that can streamline the entire process. Whichever you decide to go with you should be aware of the different aspects before buying to ensure that it’s appropriate for your company.

Your design company can provide creative ways to incorporate digital and printed elements to your exhibit stand to get noticed. It is the first thing to determine whether you’d like to purchase an outer shell scheme or a stand that is space-only. We would like to explain the options you have in the following paragraphs.

A few examples of these options are provided above.

Shell Scheme

A basic shell plan typically consists of a sequence of grey, 1m wide boards for the walls, carpet, lighting, and fascia boards that wrap all around your space and have your company’s logo on it. You may also hire furniture, like seating or desks when needed.

Graphics are printed by the organiser and placed in your shell; however, you might have to organise the exhibit layout yourself by using an agency for graphic design. Most exhibitors use roll-up banners to cover the area and will be responsible to decorate their own stand.

A shell scheme is the most affordable option, and even having a smaller budget you’ll still have an important message at the event. But be aware that there are restrictions within this particular configuration.

Space Is Limited To

A stand that is ‘space-only’ will be exactly that the organiser of the event will only give you an allocated space, which means that you can design a custom stand that is tailored to your requirements and dimensions. The possibilities are endless.

Working with the graphic design firm or a builder of exhibition stands you can build a stand that is completely custom that is unique to you. Your Project Manager will help you through the process of designing, and provide 3D renderings that will enable you to visualise the layout prior to the event.

Stepping To The Next Level

For a majority of businesses who exhibit in an outer shell is their first exposure to the circuit of events and often they have a difficult time standing in the crowd and drawing the attention of the visitors.

While shell schemes are marketed as a cost-effective and practical alternative, moving towards a custom-built design is an option that will yield higher return on investment as well as present your company in the way you’d like in the way you want it to look.

Why Do People Choose To Use This Scheme?

Shell schemes make sense. They’re typically the least expensive alternative and offer an easy and universal framework to build your display. It’s simple to set up, add your images and you’re ready to display.

Organisers often have print and design teams that they’ve teamed up with. They can make designs for your shell and, even though this comes at a price, it makes life easy.

The Transition From The Shell Scheme To A Custom

A lot of companies make a natural progression of their presence at trade shows and seek out larger areas first. However, this isn’t always the best option. A large-scale shell space might not offer the greatest visibility when compared to a smaller one which is designed to be a custom constructed.

The exhibition halls are crowded where everyone is competing to be noticed. When you walk through the floors of an event and you’ll notice everyone trying to grab your attention and introduce themselves, it’s a highly competitive environment and you must make yourself stand out.

The best organisers keep it out of their events, but at many events you can observe a stark contrast in the bright, spacious and vibrant stands, with plenty of visitors, and the dark row of generic stands with some chairs and banners. Do you think this is how you would like your company to be displayed?

A stand that is custom-designed can benefit from vertical space, which allows for attractive features and graphics that stand out from the rest of the exhibitor crowd. It’s easy to see the expansion of a stand in terms of size however, the dimensions of the floor isn’t as significant as the design and quality of the stand that is within it.

An upgrade does not necessarily need to be dramatic and if you have to choose between a larger floor area or a more attractive stand design an improved stand design is always the winner. Custom-designed stands can be whatever you wish them to be.

They can showcase your business exactly how you would like it to appear, making a lasting impression on people who visit your stand and making sure that they remember your visit in the days after. If you’re participating in many events, there are customised designs and structures which can be used repeatedly which reduces the cost in the long run.

The Next Step

Making the move to a custom building could be a daunting task, as there are many interactions between suppliers, vendors and the venue, however it does not have to be that way. A project manager is assigned to have been assigned to the project to ensure everything runs smoothly from the beginning to the day of the event, and all you need to think about is showing up to the event prepared to greet your guests.


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