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Executive Search – avoid staggering costs of bad hires with Sowelo

Hiring high-class professionals is a complicated and complex process that needs equally skilled and experienced recruitment specialists. There are many things to take into account to succeed as well as issues that can go wrong. One of the most dreadful consequences of making a mistake during that phase is simply employing an inappropriate person.

Unfortunately, many in-house, corporate recruiters take such a scenario as something inevitable and don’t even try to prevent it. The truth is, however, that bad hires are not something inescapable – at least for good external Executive Search consultants. Headhunters who know all ins and out of the recruitment craft can simply fight them effectively.

Bad hires imply so many devastating consequences that it’s definitely worth making the effort of preventing them. It’s enough to mention losing fortunes – and that does not only concern money spent; there’s definitely much more in store. In this article, we’ll shed light on the true costs of bad hires and the efficient ways to prevent them.

Very bad hires and their devastating outcomes

Hiring the wrong people is something that happens surprisingly often. On average, as many as half of the new hires fail within 18 months, Harvard Business Review’s data indicate. Interestingly, this rule applies to both low-paid and high-qualified, managerial staff. However, the latter case may have much more painful consequences than when low-qualified employees are concerned.

And what might happen if such a black sheep comes to the company? Well, the possible scenarios are very diversified and they may embrace the whole company, not only particular departments. If a person that is lazy, underqualified, unreliable, mean, or difficult to work with enters, this may mean serious trouble.

What might happen, in detail? Well, the list of possible disasters is very long. It embraces productivity losses, the team’s morale worsening, and the lack of innovativeness and progress. The company’s reputation and image may suffer, too, as the improper person represents the company in the world outside. What’s worse, their actions may have serious legal consequences, too, and cost a lot of money in compensations or damages.

Such an employee may do harm to other businesses but, first and foremost, to the organization that employs them. Stealing money or passing some confidential business information to competitors are just some of the examples in this regard. Another scenario is that an unfitted person quits on their own, and the whole recruitment process has to start again. As well as the onboarding process that costs a lot of time, money, and other resources, too.

The crucial role of professional Executive Search recruiters

Luckily, many problems can be avoided or, at least, significantly reduced thanks to the Executive Search consultants’ right approach. And the approach is just the right keyword here. A staggering 89% of failures with newly-hired people result from their wrong attitude. The role of recruiters is vital, then, because they can read the signs as well as candidates’ body language, etc. What might be disturbing are arrogant, disrespectful behavior, bitterness toward prior colleagues, unkind comments about former employers, etc.

Although many recruiters take bad hires for granted, they are not something inescapable, at least not on this huge scale. Avoiding bad hires or reducing the recruitment failure ratio can be achieved with the right tools. The most basic one is simply being active and restless in the urge to source better-fitted candidates. Being farsighted enough and not ignoring the facts is crucial in this regard. The hard data should be in use here, and not what recruiters feel or presume. And that’s definitely the case with headhunters that work for the Sowelo Consulting agency.

They are well aware of ins and outs of the effective recruitment of top-notch applicants. And know that rejecting those that may turn out to be problematic is vital. According to Leadership IQ, unequivocal success is enjoyed by only 19% of new employees. The study also indicated that 82% of hiring managers had negative impressions about candidates during job interviews but overlooked them. Of course, these numbers are not something set in stone and may differ across particular organizations. It’s simply good to enjoy the services of an agency that is aware of these possible glitches. And tries to reduce the risk of it, putting the clients’ needs first. And this is certainly the case with Sowelo’s Executive Search consultants.

Top-notch Executive Search: how Sowelo does it

Sowelo is an Executive Search recruitment and consulting agency specializing in delivering top-class talent to both Polish and foreign clients. These are specialists representing the IT and Telco market, as well as the finance and banking industry. Other professional services, including those relating to human resources, marketing, and investor relations are also in the mix. Sourcing such sophisticated specialists demands huge detailed expertise as well as a down-to-earth attitude. And that’s where Sowelo’s huge competitive edge lies. Its consultants are well aware of which actions are pointless, and which ones can bring great results. And that’s where they direct their energy and efforts.

Also, during its operation spanning 1.5 decades, Sowelo was able to create a net of valuable contacts. Its consultants can reach out to it at any time. The agency runs a regularly updated base of candidates and whenever a candidate is needed, a call is made quickly. Thanks to the unique skills of Sowelo’s consultants, applicants can be assessed lightning-fast and introduced to the client within days.

What makes them so effective and achieve so great results? Well, Sowelo’s consultants are not ordinary ones. They make use of their profound knowledge but always stay alert to apply innovative solutions and the newest trends. After 15 years of operation, routine is what might emerge but that’s definitely not the case here. Sowell’s headhunters are ready to go an extra mile for every client. Providing solutions that are cost and time-efficient is one of their hallmarks. The bottom line of such an attitude is that clients appreciate their engagement a lot and, very often, return.

If you want to know more about Sowelo’s Executive Search services, click this link https://sowelo.eu/services/executive-search-direct-search/



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