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How Brands are Reviving their Physical Stores

How Brands are Reviving their Physical Stores
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Shoppers unable to visit brick-and-mortar retailers during the epidemic resorted to internet purchasing. You may do errands from the comfort of your own home, be it for boring duties, such as grocery shopping or picking up medications, or for more leisurely pursuits like clothing shopping with various UPI payment cashback offers.

Increased vaccination rates for COVID-19 allow brick-and-mortar retailers to entice consumers back to their physical stores.

While there is potential for post-pandemic retail, there are also problems. However, clients who have grown weary of internet shopping are keen to return to physical stores to see and feel the product before purchase. Revenge spending is currently being prepared by some stores, which suffered a dip in sales, as clients are ready to overindulge after a long absence from the malls. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar retailers are up against a tide of people who have gotten used to purchasing online.

There are several ways in which brands may improve their post-COVID experiences for in-person customers. This article examines how companies can entice consumers back to their brick-and-mortar locations.

1. Offering Discounts 

To encourage customers to purchase in-store rather than online, brands in their brick-and-mortar shops are providing unique UPI transaction app offers to those who visit the location. People are more inclined to buy numerous items while saving big, boosting the average order value per client. 

2. Establishing Clear Hygiene Procedures 

People want to feel secure after a pandemic, keep cleanliness a top priority and make that fact well publicized. Keeping the store immaculate is one way to accomplish this. A cleaning strategy in place throughout the pandemic should be maintained for as long as possible. Offering sanitisers and masks at the entrance of the store helps build customer trust and confidence. Several team members may be assigned to keep an eye on this and replace supplies as required, which will help you remain on top of things. 

3. Promoting Products and Services that aren’t Available on the Web

The addition of services that can only be performed in person may benefit most businesses. If feasible, turn it into a hybrid model that allows customers to shop both in-store and online. Be sure that people can go out and shop in person too. Because individuals have become used to receiving subpar service, brands consider going the extra mile to please their clients. 

4. Providing Incentives to Customers for In-store Pick Up 

One way of increasing foot traffic in brick-and-mortar establishments is to provide incentives for customers who prefer to pick up their online purchases in person. However, some consumers may linger for an extended period to look around or find something that piques their attention and inspires an impulsive purchase. In contrast, others may just pick up the online orders and depart. For a high-demand product or service, an in-store discount may be the only place to get it or a promise that no one will have to wait in line.

5. Adding More Hours to Your Retail Store

The physical experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store will remain popular but customers will not compromise on safety. So, brands are extending their opening and closing hours. People may then come in at a time when there are fewer people around if they want. Businesses are recruiting extra staff and ensuring that they are in compliance with local regulations but advertising their new or extended hours is a guaranteed method to attract customers who want to shop but don’t want to run into too many other people while shopping. 

6. Becoming a Part of a More Extensive Network of Businesses

Brands are considering partnering with other local businesses to provide their customers with discount cards or other small incentives that are only valid for in-store purchases.

7. Concentrating on the Existing Clients

Brands are marketing to the current local consumers on their website to bring in additional people to brick-and-mortar businesses. With in-store-only discounts and promotions, brands may even entice customers to come to the shop. 

8. Organising a Pop-Up Shop

Shopping in person isn’t going anywhere. Shoppers are compelled to turn up because of the shop’s restricted hours of operation, which generates a feeling of urgency and intrigue. So brands are now adding value events, such as happy hours, food trucks or even hands-on activities inside the venue, as well as time-limited deals and promotions.


To be successful, you must never forget that being in the middle of the road is no longer enough; you must be original and memorable to capture and retain attention. 


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