Home Business How Does Box Printing Services Contribute to E-commerce Brand Recognition?

How Does Box Printing Services Contribute to E-commerce Brand Recognition?

How Does Box Printing Services Contribute to E-commerce Brand Recognition?

It is relatively easy to start off an e-commerce brand. You don’t usually need a big physical setup and go through the formalities of building retail chains. But what you would need is effective box printing to make up for the absence of a tangible retail experience.

The popularity of e-commerce is only going forwards. It undoubtedly encourages new businesses to take the scope of inflating customer demands. Today, you don’t have to be a big business with lots of investment capabilities to establish your brand in this industry. Even small-scale e-brands are generating high profits.

We have summarized some future traits of the industry to look out for. These make the markets workable for every business type and size.

  1. Bigger market size. As discussed earlier, the e-commerce sector is on its way to gaining larger proportions of the total retail revenues.

By the end of 2021, e-commerce sales amounted to approximately $4.9 trillion worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 50 percent over the next four years, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

  • More environmentally-conscious activities. The whole retail world is now shifting to green packaging materials.

However, e-commerce is slated to witness the biggest impact as millions of boxes are shipped daily and need to be compliant with new government regulations regarding sustainability.

  • Contact-less delivery options. The innovations in technology and the recent pandemic have brought a great level of change in shipping. Payments are more secure and certain.

Conventional delivery methods are now being shuffled to include more online payments and transfers.

  • Un-standardized packaging approach. Modern customers now want their shipping boxes to look and feel distinguished. More customers are expected to join this group and make personalized packaging even more significant. 

All these changes in the e-commerce field are bound to bring in new opportunities as well as challenges. Like there isn’t one product for all customers, there isn’t one packaging type too. Brands have to adhere to their image, products, and intended customer demographic to leave a mark.

box printing

What are the industry packaging trends?

Your packaging is what can appeal strongly to customers and make your brand relatable and highly relevant too. All you got to do is to align your branded boxes with possible future trends. We have a list of upcoming packaging designs that you should include to spark customers’ interest like never before. Take a look. 

  1. Mass production. Even though the boxes need customized elements, it is a good idea to obtain them in bulk to benefit from reduced per-unit costs and even flow of deliveries. Customers look for business services when judging between identical products. And shipping on time is definitely a big plus.

You can hire printing houses to do the task for you. Modern printing equipment allows every box to be printed correctly and within a short turnaround time. The future is all about better printing convenience that you can avail yourself of from your office space.

  • Curated box designs. Most e-commerce boxes now come with symmetric patterns and subtle styling as compared to loud designs as in the past. This trend is likely to continue in the few years to come too.

Brands like Apple have popularized a minimalistic approach to box printing. Customers respond favorably to a pristine and on-point box appeal. It gives them a clear brand image to retain and recall. A similar pattern is likely to follow suit in the upcoming years. Buyers want to grab all the brand info as soon as they see its boxes at their doorsteps or while in transit.

  • Using definitive color grades. Shades play a major role in defining the brand. One look at the box colors is enough to spark customers’ interest and enhance the brand’s value aesthetics.

Of late, a mix and match of numerous color hues have been replaced by undertones and single-shading. Buyers prefer a no-fuss box appearance.

Moreover, single-color backgrounds convey a serious and professional brand attitude. The boxes look regal and functional. The trend is high in demand and continue to be.

  • Regulated texts and graphics. As the minimal design trend is gathering pace, brands have to be careful as to what quantity of content they aim to put on the boxes. The texts have a powerful impact on establishing a durable customer-seller link but can also seem too lengthy and confusing if not regulated.

The latest packaging trend is to keep the box front simple. Brand and product details are compensated by printing QR codes. Moreover, the inner box flaps are being used to convey a host of important messages to customers. This way, the boxes look futuristic yet informative on the inside.

  • Crips and fresh printing effects. The current aim is to keep the custom packaging looking as fresh as it does when boxed. Contemporary customers don’t expect their shipping to arrive in worn-out or torn boxes. It deters the overall branding effect no matter how good the box designs are and lessens the probability of appearing in the unboxing videos online.

The current e-commerce scenario calls for using modern printing options like Spot UV coatings and varied laminations to keep the boxes looking crisp throughout shipping. Using thicker box cuts and custom sleeves on top also contribute to the boxes looking premium.

  • Simple yet inspirational brand story. The future is all about gripping stories that instantly convince customers of the brand’s aesthetics. Customers don’t have a prolonged recall memory and so all branding on the boxes must be focused on reviving the brand image for customers.

All the box details like the logo, colors, and taglines must resonate with the overall branding to depict an inspiring and believable brand story.

Many e-brands try to start a conversation by addressing social issues on their boxes and directing them to their social media handles.


Being on top of the game requires on-point e-commerce box printing that stays with customers as well as keeps your brand ahead of the competition.


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