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How to Buy Leads for Your Business


Without leads, the company can’t expand the business and grow, and searching to attract new potential clients is a number one task for the marketing department. Some managers are truly creative in lead generation, but experimental strategies don’t always work as planned. In this case, the best choice would be to buy leads. In this article, we’ll analyze some significant aspects of this practice.

Where to Buy Leads

You will easily find hundreds of services offering you leads on the Internet. Their offers vary in price, amount of information, and reliability. Reputable services use the up-to-date addresses of their visitors to form the lists. They analyze the needs and requirements of these people to sell the leads in the most beneficial way for all participants. In the best-case scenario, you will receive a list of prospective customers who requires your services. Clients will get interesting offers according to their current requirements, and the lead generator will get paid. 

But what if the company doesn’t care about its reputation and just wants to make a quick buck? In this case, you will purchase email lists of outdated contact information and try to sell your goods or services to people who are not interested. So, purchasing leads from an unreliable company will bring only disappointment and irritation to you and your clients. 

Carefully study the feedbacks and reviews about the lead generator you are about to choose. Please pay attention to the time when it was registered. If the company provides such services for a long time, it’s a good sign. Look at the details of the offer. It would be great to receive leads for your specific niche, but, in most cases, the generalized list for the related industry is the best you can count on. Low price is not the main criterion; if the offer is too good to be true, don’t fall for it.

What to Do with Leads

The first most obvious answer coming to mind is using them to contact prospective clients and sell the services. But simple mail-out has unsatisfactory results and may even make your mailing server look suspicious. It can hurt the effectiveness of your emails to the customers expecting your messages. So, select a wiser strategy.

You can create info product related to your professional interests and start an ad campaign, for example if you were marketing for a solar company, you could ascertain solar leads that you have previously created and then target them via Facebook Ads or other social media distribution platforms. The customers who contacted you are interested in reaching them directly, this makes your ads relevant with a higher probability of engagement.

Don’t use formal templates in personal outreach; it’s boring, and your messages will go directly to the trash folder. Send only personal emails, they are more acceptable for the recipients, and there is a chance they will be read. In these messages, you can focus on some free offer: a book, a course, an online or in-person event. It’s not wise to sell something from the first step. 

By following this strategy, you’ll create opportunities from the list of leads. At this stage, you will have multiple potential clients with a positive attitude to your company and are interested in your offer. With such an approach, the purchased leads will pay off in spades.


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