Home Technology How to Convert OLM Contacts to CSV – Recommended Solution

How to Convert OLM Contacts to CSV – Recommended Solution

How to Convert OLM Contacts to CSV – Recommended Solution

Summary: If you are one of those users who wants to convert OLM Contacts to CSV format then, you are at the correct place, where you supposed to be. Through this blog, we will explain how users can solve this query by using two best and free approaches.

But, before we move forward, lets discuss the primary reasons why users wants this conversion to happen.

Why we need to Export Mac OLM Contacts to CSV Format?

There are many reasons why users wants to export their Mac OLM contacts to CSV file, such as:-

1. As we know, CSV file allows users to store unlimited contacts along with the persons complete detail in tabular form.

2. Users can easily access this file in any spreadsheet application such as Google sheet and Microsoft Excel and so on.

3. Moreover, there is no size limit with this format, users can easily store unlimited amount of contacts in an CSV file.

4. The contacts saved in CSV file supports different email services such as Thunderbird, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.

5. Both Professional and Home user can access their CSV file.

Now, that we understand the primary reasons to convert OLM contacts to CSV. So, let’s move forward and discuss the best approaches to solve this query. Here we will discuss Free and Automated Solution by which users can easily resolve this problem.

Free Solution to Export Mac OLM Contacts to CSV File:-

Follow these steps mentioned below in order to Convert OLM Contacts to CSV format manually:-

1. Firstly, Import your OLM file into Mac Outlook by using the Import/Export Plugin.

2. After, successfully importing your OLM files, click on the file option, then select Import/Export option.

3. In Import/Export Menu, choose the Export to a file option.

4. After that, choose CSV as your saving option.

5. Now, select the Contacts that you want to export.

6. Then, select your required location to save the resultant CSV file.

7. After words, press on the finish tab to start the procedure.

Limitations with the Free Solution:-

1. The main drawback is that if users use this free method to convert OLM contacts to CSV format, then it will only import the OLM contacts not the other data associated with it.

2. This method only export one OLM file at a time.

3. Neither users can view nor open emails from their OLM files before the conversion.

4. The installation of Outlook is required in order to utilize this solution.

5. Nonetheless, there are high chances of users data being corrupted and results are not accurate.

To overcome this limitations, users can opt for the professional solution.

Using Professional Solution to Convert OLM Contacts to CSV File Format:-

There are various web-based third-party methods for accomplishing this process. However, for this method, the OLM to PST Converter would be the ideal option. The software is designed so that users may convert data in a couple of seconds.

This utility protects data integrity and folder structure when converting data, and it allows users to see their files before converting them.

In order to finish this operation, follow the steps listed below:

1. First, download and launch this software in your system.

2. After that, click the add file option and navigate to the OLM data file.

3. Then, select Address book/contacts folder that you want to export.

4. Therefore, Choose CSV as your saving format.

5. After that, select your required location to save the resultant CSV File.

6. Then, to begin the procedure, click the export option.

Users may simply convert OLM file to CSV after completing this technique.

Some Amazing Features of this Software:-

Export Multiple OLM files in Bulk:-

This application allows users to batch convert their OLM files to CSV format. Along with that, users can also export various other items from Mac OLM file that too without any errors. It also provides multiple saving options for users to export their OLM emails into.

No File Size Limitation:-

There are absolutely no file size limitation, regardless of how many files user may convert at once. Nonetheless, with the help of this tool users can easily save multiple contacts at once.

Simple User Interface:-

This software is built with simple yet advanced graphical interface that is easier to utilize for any user. Both technical and non-technical users can utilize this tool to resolve their problems.

Maintains Data Integrity:-

This application make sure to preserve the data integrity and folder structure during and after the operation. Moreover, it also manages the other key attributes of email and maintains data originality even after the process.

No Need For Outlook Installation:-

There is no need to install Outlook, in order to export Mac OLM mails to CSV. This software itself is self-sufficient.

Free Version:-

Users can export and save up to 25 OLM items to CSV and other saving formats in the free version. Users can, however, purchase the tool’s licensed version as well.

Final words:-

In this blog, we have discussed primary reasons of why users want to convert OLM Contacts to CSV file format. Along with that, we have also mentioned two approaches by which users can put an end to this issue. Users can use either of the approaches according to their requirement.

But as we know, free method has some limitations to it, and the best option for users will be the Expert Solution that we have mentioned in this blog. The conversion will be performed in a hassle free and secure way. Therefore, this tool keeps the data originality and other attributes intact before and after the procedure.

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