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How to Prepare Your Smartphone for Holidays Abroad?

How to Prepare Your Smartphone for Holidays Abroad?

Are you planning a trip to another country? Your smartphone will be your best assistant. You can use it to buy tickets, book a hotel room, see a list of attractions, and even rent a car. 

Yes, it’s a great idea to rent a car. Moreover, car rentals for 20 year olds make it possible to enjoy a road trip even for young travelers. All you need is to open a browser on your smartphone and go to any car rental website. 

However, the phone is useful not only before, but also after you have set off. The main thing is to prepare it properly. So, keep reading and you will learn how to prepare your mobile phone for your trip abroad.

Protect your phone from damage 

Please put aside all the shiny and pretty smartphone cases that look so good in photos. Of course, they are beautiful, but these cases won’t be able to save the smartphone if it suddenly falls to the ground or into the water. Thus, buy a special shockproof case, and stick a protective glass on the screen surface. In such a way you will reduce the likelihood of breaking the gadget.


Restrict access to your smartphone 

Sometimes your smartphone and all the data on it can fall into the wrong hands. You don’t even have to lose it, but just leave it on the bed in the hostel. Therefore, protect access to the device with a screen lock: set a PIN code or an unlock pattern. 

If your smartphone has biometric authentication tools, then it’s time to use them. The fingerprint scanner allows you to set up a fingerprint unlock. Also, some smartphones can identify the owner by the iris, face, or voice. In general, use at least one method to protect your data.


Consider your mobile provider’s tariff

First of all, you need to decide how you will use your current tariff plan. The easiest option is to pay your operator for international roaming and put thoughts about communication methods out of your head. However, simpler is not always better. Therefore, it may be cheaper to buy a SIM card to use a foreign country.

Another option is using a special tourist SIM card, but keep in mind that tariffs differ in different countries. So carefully calculate everything before making a decision. 

If your trip only takes a couple of days, you can do without telephone service at all. To communicate with friends and family, you can use email or, for example, one of the available instant messengers. Of course, you will need to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot or purchase a mobile Wi-Fi router for this.

Disable updates 

The smartphone works 24 hours a day, even when you sleep. Thus, disable updates to reduce battery and especially data consumption, which is very expensive in roaming. After that, your phone will only be able to receive updates via Wi-Fi. 

On the other hand, you should download applications that will be useful during the journey and at the destination – Google Maps, Google Translate, as well as services that give access to information about hotels, restaurants, car rentals, etc.


Limit mobile traffic 

Turn off cloud sync and mobile data for apps running in the background. Set a traffic limit on Android, and download Traffic Monitor or My Data Manager on iOS. Most mobile operators have their own applications that make it possible to monitor traffic. And don’t forget to remove widgets that require updating, as they also consume megabytes. 

Still not sure if you’ve thought of everything? Find the mobile data toggle switch and turn it off every time you don’t need Internet access.

Take care of an additional power source 

During your trip, you will most likely use your smartphone for a lot of tasks. They include searching for information, communicating on social networks, taking photos/videos, and much more. At the same time, the possibility of recharging may not always be available. So, take care of the ability to recharge the device wherever you are, that is, buy a power bank. 

If you have a flight, it’s also important to know the rules for transporting batteries. Normally, you can only carry the battery in your carry-on baggage. Plus, it must be fully charged. What’s more, find out in advance which sockets are in the country where you go, and if necessary, take an adapter with you.


Download maps 

Install any good map service with navigation – the main thing is that they can work without the Internet. For example, Maps.Me and TripAdvisor make it possible to save sections of maps for offline viewing in the future. Then you can mark on such maps tourist places and routes, and everything else that you may need on a trip. 

Keep in mind that maps still require the Internet for some features, check out the application, and don’t forget to download the required maps before you go.

Well, your mobile phone is one of the most essential items on your trip. That’s why you should properly prepare it. Benefit from our simple tips, and then think carefully about all aspects of your trip and how you will use your smartphone. Perhaps, you will need to free up more memory for photos, or install some special applications as well.


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