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How to Publish a Research Paper in Top Journal? Best Guidelines

How to Publish a Research Paper in Top Journal? Best Guidelines

After completing a research paper, the next step is to get it published in a reputable journal. You have been working on a research paper for a long time, and you want to publish it in a reputable journal. If you publish your research paper without doing proper research, you might publish it in a low impact factor or in a predatory journal. So, it is essential to gain knowledge about how to publish a research paper in a top journal. We will help you and provide all the necessary guidelines in this article.

How Do You Publish A Paper In The Top Journal?

If you want to publish a research paper in the top journal, you need to consider certain things in the writing process. Publishing a research paper is becoming highly competitive, and you must be mindful of the dos and don’ts of getting your paper published. Keep the following things in mind when you are writing your research paper.

Be Logical In Your Writing

Your line of argumentation and the entire narrative or research shall progress logically. The progression should be logically strong and enticing for the reader to stay engaged.

Write First Edit Later

Most people write and edit simultaneously, which disrupt the flow of ideas. It is essential to let your thoughts flow and write them down. You can edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling after completing the first draft.

Let The Reader Know About Your Central Argument From The Start

When readers have to search for your central argument, they get annoyed. So, do not be mysterious about your central argument and let the readers know about it from your abstract. Besides, further arguments in your research paper should be a logical extension of your central theme.

Get a Second Opinion

It is essential to maintain the quality before you publish a research paper. Many research papers get rejected because of bad English and poor editing. So, share your research paper with a colleague or an editing expert of a PhD dissertation help service for editing and proofreading.

Structure Your Writing Style For A Wider Audience

When you are writing a research paper to get it published, you should be considerate about the international audience. It will increase the impact of your research paper and enhance your visibility.

Be Specific

People who want to publish a research paper assume that they should incorporate their entire PhD dissertation for publication. Experienced academics divide their research study into two or three research papers. So, you should focus on one aspect of your study and get it published.

The strategies mentioned above are critical before you publish a research paper. Let’s walk you through how to publish a research paper in a top journal.

Select An Appropriate Journal

The first step is to choose a suitable journal appropriate for your study. You need to do the following things:

  • Review the journal’s scope and ensure that it publishes papers relevant to your field
  • Review the members of the editorial board and ascertain their recognition in your field of knowledge
  • Then review the recent journal issues to ensure that your chosen journal publishes papers in your field
  • Review the quality of the published papers and examine the impact factor

Prepare a Scientific Manuscript

Top journals appreciate the scientifically prepared manuscripts that can add to the reader’s knowledge. The manuscript should effectively express the research’s findings and significance. Keep the following things in mind:


It is pertinent to write a manuscript that is clear and consistent. A well-written manuscript always has a logical flow of ideas. It assists the reader in understanding the major arguments and conclusion of the study.

Writing Style and Structure

A well-written manuscript has a proper format that displays the author’s ideas consistently. The writing style should be clear and as per the academic standards.


The title of the research paper should be precise and eye-catching. It should convey the key concepts of the research paper.


An abstract is a synopsis of your entire research. It should be clear and concise and inform the reader about the main points of your research.

What Are The Contents Of Your Research?

The readers of the editorial board of top journals do not have enough time to read your entire research paper. You have to persuade them through the manuscript. The manuscript must inform them about the central argument of your study. You should arrange your arguments logically to inform the readers about the overall story.

Write a Cover Letter

Top journals require a cover letter along with the research paper. A good cover letter can persuade the editors about the importance of your research. A good cover letter has the following features:

  • State the significance of your research paper
  • Provide additional background knowledge of your research paper
  • What is the contribution of your research paper to the larger knowledge?
  • It is essential to remember that a cover letter is not an abstract
  • You can also write about your past achievements in the cover letter

Be Careful about the References

Keep the following things in mind about the references:

  • Cite the research papers in an appropriate format as per the guidelines of the research
  • It is not good to include too many references
  • Reduce the number of self-citations
  • Include the relevant citations that are essential in strengthening the argument of your study

How Much Does It Cost To Publish A Research Paper In A Journal?

It is not correct that writers must pay for journal publication in most circumstances. On the other hand, Open Access Journals require authors to pay a fee to cover the cost of publication. The peer-review process of reputable journals also does not require any fee. Top journals only ask for a fee after accepting the manuscript for publication. Beware of predatory journals that ask for a fee at the time of submission.


We hope that the guidelines mentioned above will assist you in publishing a research paper in a top journal. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and get your research paper published.


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