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How to Stop Your Losing Streak Now Like A Pro

Your third consecutive loss is a blow. It’s getting you down. You begin to think things like, “I’m never going win again!” You might even think, “I don’t know how to win this game!” There are many reasons people lose streaks of mahjong and they often have nothing to do w/ their skill level. We will be discussing 10 ways to stop losing streaks in mahjong and also check https://onlinemahjong247.com to play different versions of mahjong.

If you’ve been playing mahjong for a while, you will have at least one losing streak.

In a game like mahjong, where luck is so important, there will be highs and lows. Even though you may have lost one round, it doesn’t guarantee that the next one will go your way. Even though the most prominent pro mahjong player may experience a slump from time to time, no streak is permanent.

So why does lose streaks occur and how can you reverse them?

There are many factors that can affect how well you play any particular game. But what if I said that the biggest factor in your performance actually comes from within?

A small loss can cause us to sabotage ourselves, which in turn leads to more losses. Recent research has shown that this vicious circle of negative thoughts is harmful in producing adequate results. After four matches without winning, players’ skill levels would decline and their motivation to win would decrease.

You don’t have to lose more than you are entitled to. ~NP Mahjong

One of my patrons wanted to know how I deal with losing streaks so I decided to write this blog to help players who are in a slump.

This blog post will share some of my tips to help you avoid these long “bad streaks”, and how to get out of them, if you do.

Mahjong vs Go, Shogi or Chess

Games of complete information such as Go or Shogi The stronger player wins and the weaker one loses almost always.

Mahjong is a game of skill and chance. In other games like chess and checkers, the stronger player wins almost all of the time. Mahjong can have less-skilled players beating more experienced opponents. This may be why it is so popular.

This is what makes mahjong so appealing and welcoming for new players. It will always reward you, regardless of how inexperienced or strong your opponents, from time to time.

Is mahjong a game based on luck or skill?

Mahjong is both a game of “luck” as well as skill. There are four players in a Mahjong game. You can only control one of them. This means that there is 75% luck and 25% skill.

A better term than “luck” is “probability.” Although you cannot predict what the other players will do, you can certainly estimate what is most likely to happen.

Long-term mahjong results can also be described in a more practical manner.

However, the term “long-term” can also refer to thousands of games.

In a mahjong match, you can only control one of the four players.

What is a losing streak?

Let’s start by saying that losing two or three games in succession doesn’t necessarily mean you are losing a streak.

The same goes for losing a game with 5 or 6 hanchan consecutively. This doesn’t make it a “bad streak”.

These players believe that these things are rare. They don’t understand probability or how mahjong works in general. Even top mahjong players won’t win 30% of their games

This means that if a top player is seated to play, there is a 70% chance that he will lose 1st place. He still has a 70% chance of losing the next game if he loses that one. You are never “due to win”

The probability that a pro player who has a 30% 1st-place rate will extend his losing streak by 5 games is 0.7 to 5…

There’s no need to get out the calculator. I will do the math. That’s 16%.

This number might seem difficult to grasp, so let me put it in perspective.

If you have a ryanmen’s wait, statistically speaking, you can expect to get ippatsu sumo 6% of all times. Technically speaking, this means that you will get ippatsu tsumo 6% of the time. Technically speaking, this means that winning 5 games in a row is nearly three times more likely than getting an ippatsu-tsumo on a wait for ryanmen.

Your average win rate should not be lower than 30% unless you are a veteran player. These are the worst kinds of runs.

Why do losing streaks happen? Self-sabotage?

You are a liability to yourself if you don’t understand the numbers.

The moment you lose a few games, you’ll start to sabotage yourself.

Don’t worry! It’s normal! It is a normal human response. It’s a trigger in your brain that protects you. It is a mechanism that your brain installs to protect you from something perceives as threat.

You can sabotage yourself by entering a “longer-than-normal” losing streak. This will allow you to escape and protect your ego.

It’s easy to get out of this mess! It’s easy to get out! 10? 10? “

Don’t do that! It is very expensive!

This is why proud players often have longer than average losing streaks.

Remember that you cannot choose when you are in a losing streak. However, you can choose how to end it.

Fly or fight!

Your animal instinct is the second reason you might experience losing streaks. It’s more difficult to overcome.

You will feel stressed if you lose weight.

Your brain does not know if you are in danger. Your brain just feels the danger and triggers your flight response.

If you are in a wilderness with dangerous animals or real dangers, the fight or flight response can be a powerful natural reaction. It’s not a good idea for mind games such as mahjong, because once you trigger it, your balance is thrown out of control, forcing you to learn and re-adapt again before playing again.

How to stop yourself from getting on a ride

Tilting is a natural and immediate consequence of having a negative outlook.

Negative thoughts can make you feel threatened when there is none. Your amygdala will then happily hijack your brain and sabotage you. (That bastard!)

Do you think that others are better than you?

“Others have it so simple, but it’s always so difficult for me. “

“I wish that I could have the luck of this guy, but I’m so unlucky.” “

“If I were you, I wouldn’t draw that tile.” “



You are not doing yourself a favor. Instead, you are wasting your valuable brainpower on useless thoughts.

These things can still be thought about, but you should think of them in a positive light.

“Playing people with strong luck is a great way to test my skills!” “

“If I can learn to win without having to be lucky, then the game will be easy for me.” “

“Mahjong is exciting because it’s unpredictable. If everything went my way, this game could get very boring. “

This is a teaching that applies to mahjong as well as life:

Negative events will quickly surround you if you think negatively. This is something I can personally attest to. Let go of all negative thoughts.

Positive thinking is key!











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