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Ipad Not Charging- Few Tips that can Solve the Issue Instantly

Ipad Not Charging- Few Tips that can Solve the Issue Instantly

If you are an Ipad user and facing any random iPad charging issues, you must read this entire article. Here, we are going to give out some outstanding yet simple solutions so that you can fix your iPad not charging issue. The iPad not charging Issue can come up at any time on any device. This is because there are various reasons why one may get this error. Let us dig into the various reasons you may get this error of iPad charging, and let us also find out their easy solutions.

1- Cable Issues

Before anything else, the first thing that you should check if your iPad is not working is the charging cable. In many cases, the damage to the cable can cause a hindrance in charging. Due to the long period and rough use of the iPad charging cable, this Issue of the iPad not charging can occur on your device. One of the most simple ways to check whether your cable is good or not you can to use some other charging cable for your iPad. If your iPad is easily getting charged with a different cable, your cable only has the fault, and you need to replace it.

2- Batter Issue

If you do the cable test on your iPad and find no problem with your cable, you need to check the battery. In a lot of cases, the heavy use of the iPad and overcharging may cause some damage to the battery. The best way to check whether your battery is good or not is to charge your iPad with different cables and adapters. If the iPad is not responding with any charging cable or adapter, your iPad battery is having some issues. In order to resolve this issue of iPad battery, the best thing that you can do is visit an apple store. Instead of looking for cheap alternatives elsewhere, it is suggested that you get your battery issue resolved directly from the authorized apple store.

3- Factory Reset

Another simple solution that you can try if your battery is not working is to put your iPad through a quick factory reset. By doing so, you resolve any software issue that may be there. Not many iPad users know this, but a lot of software complications can also affect your iPad charging system. Hence, to remove any issues with the software, it is suggested that you put your iPad through a factory reset. However, make sure that you save up all the data on your iPad. This is because once you put your iPad through the factory reset then, it will automatically delete all the files and data that it has.


With these 3 incredible and easy methods, we are sure that your iPad not charging Issue will be resolved within just a few minutes. However, if you still have some charging issues even after trying these methods, you must visit an authorized apple store to know more.


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