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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

When you plan to decorate your home and light up the backyard for the holidays, you need some tips to get going. Mindful backyard lighting can set the mood in your home and make everything work out for you. It highlights all the specific elements of the yard and sets an ambiance for your outdoor space.

 A few candles can soothe the mood in your home; you don’t want to restrict yourself to what you can do when illuminating your landscape. Here we share some tips to help you decorate your backyard with holiday lights.

1 – Mix lighting styles 

A single lighting style won’t bring out the beauty and magic in your backyard. You should not limit yourself to the number of lighting styles you need. Take the help of outdoor lighting specialists such as American Holiday Lights who offer the best holiday light installation service in Aurora, Illinois.

Mix up various lighting styles in your home and compound to avoid looking uniform. This way, you create a more relaxed, comfortable, and cheerful environment for yourself and your guests.

2 – Illuminate the walkways 

From the gate to the main entrance to your house, the walkways should all be illuminated. Also, if you have a pathway that meanders through your backyard, a walkway that leads from the front of the house to the back, or a raised deck, you should not hesitate to highlight the perimeter with some LED Christmas lights. 

You can also consider lights on post mounts because they are easy to install

3 – Create a moonlight effect 

You can also create a moonlight effect in your home by lighting up trees in your compound. If you have large trees in your yard, you can place lights up within branches to create some moonlight look around the backyard. 

Also, if you want to get the most natural effect, you can put lights at least 40 feet up. You should also ensure the lights are discreet and entirely out of view.

4 – String lighting 

String lighting is another lighting idea you should consider for your home. String lighting is a low-voltage and soft lighting that suits any yard. It gives your home a warm, intimate, and ambiance color that is more desirable for entertaining your home.

Start by hanging strings of light wherever you have some activities in the yard. It could be on the home’s eaves to brighten up your outdoor kitchen and set the mood when your family awaits dinner. You can also use string lights to brighten your outdoor pavilion and illuminate the patio furniture.

Always choose long-lasting LED bulbs when shopping for string lights. They should also be waterproof and rechargeable for the best experience. You can also opt for solar-powered string lights with a remote solar panel to avoid the need for running extension cords all across your yard.

5 – Low-voltage lanterns 

Another way to decorate and illuminate your yard is installing low-voltage lanterns in the outdoor space. This lighting will add more décor to the architectural details of your house. You can install the lanterns in the vicinity of your back door to highlight the arch, transom window, or the ornate.

When shopping, you should choose lanterns with translucent glass to provide glare-free and diffuse nighttime lighting in your yard. This way, you won’t be distracting other lighting fixtures in your compound.

Final Thoughts

You can do a lot to make your backyard another small palace to spend time with family. If you plan to invite your relatives over for the holidays, you should illuminate your backyard for an outdoor dinner. You can start by employing these five DIY tips or consider hiring a professional light installer to make work easy for you.

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