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The Most Popular World Gaming Events To Visit In 2022

For any geek, gamer, or proud nerd, gaming expos and like-minded gatherings are the best entertainment.

At these festivals, fans of the same universes meet to discuss the craziest fan theories and share hopes and dreams associated with their favorite characters and worlds with each other. You can even meet celebrities there, as well as the creators of the most famous media franchises.

A huge number of conventions are held around the world for fans of various genres – anime, video games, comics or casino bonuses Australia. Among the best festivals around the world, we have selected 20 that we will introduce you to in this review. You’ll learn everything you need to start packing for the road.

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Game exhibitions for gamers


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) is perhaps the most famous event in the gaming industry. The three largest gaming companies – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – will present exclusive games and new consoles here. Other well-known development companies, such as EA and Ubisoft, hold their own events like E3.

Initially, E3 was created in order to practically introduce the media to new games and provide information for press reviews, but since 2017 the exhibition has been open to the public.

  • Where: Los Angeles (California, USA)
  • When: every year in June
  • How much: $150 (early registration) / $250

What’s interesting: E3 is a convention for gamers and geeks, but with Hollywood chic, because among the visitors of the exhibition there are not only celebrities of the gaming industry, but also stars known to everyone and everyone. And here, almost every minute, important announcements appear, so if you can’t get to the exhibition, you should follow what is happening online.


Even more impressive is the scale of the Gamescom gaming exhibition, which takes place in Germany. With over a quarter of a million attendees each year, Gamescom is considered the largest gaming industry event in the world.

Gamers come from all over Europe (and beyond) to play the most popular games and then discuss them while eating delicious German sausages.

  • Where: Cologne, Germany
  • When: every year in August
  • How much: from €12.5 to €16 per day

What’s Great: Participation in Gamescom is cheaper, and more PC products and a direct-to-consumer focus make this event very popular among gamers.

PAX West

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is a series of gaming events taking place around the world. The PAX West exhibition in the USA is perhaps the most famous among them.

It was first held in 2004, and since then, for more than a decade, the organizers (who are also the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic) have been doing everything possible to make gamers and geeks come here with pleasure.

  • Where: Seattle (Washington, USA)
  • When: Every year, end of August – beginning of September
  • How much: $50 one-day pass

What’s interesting: At PAX West, participants will learn the loudest news in the gaming industry (including games announced at Gamescom and E3), attend presentations from developers, and also fight in tournaments. As Dan MrPointyHead Meyer, editor-in-chief at Explosive Alan, says, if you’re looking for something really out of the ordinary, PAX West is the place to go.

Gaming Exhibition – EGX

EGX (formerly Eurogamer Expo) is organized by Eurogamer, a European online video game publication that has been publishing coverage of gaming shows and festivals for over a decade. So, here they are well versed in what is good (and what is bad) in holding a great gaming party.

A kind of spin-off of this exhibition is EGX Rezzed, which is held annually in London. It focuses on indie games.

  • Where: Birmingham, England
  • When: every year in September
  • How much: £15 to £70

What’s Hot: According to Dan Mayer, “You’ll be thrilled to see all the best new stuff, [and there’s] dev meetups, esports tournaments, a job fair, retro gaming, cosplay, and tabletop gaming sessions on EGX.” So here you can find out all the important news and have a great time in the company of people with the same interests.


ESL One is a series of esports competitions taking place around the world. At the ESL One New York tournament they play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and at ESL One Cologne they fight in Dota 2.

ESL One series tournaments are also held in Katowice, Genting Highlands, Birmingham, and Belo Horizonte.

  • Where: Katowice (Poland), New York (USA), Genting Highlands (Malaysia), Birmingham (UK), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Cologne (Germany)
  • When: Various times throughout the year
  • How much: $29 to $169

What’s Interesting: Adam Stevens, owner of gaming and esports resource BC-GB Esports, says ESL One tournaments have a “magnetic” vibe. Game fans come to the tournament to see the most outstanding players in CS:GO and Dota 2 fight.


DreamHack is another series of esports events. It includes Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft 2 tournaments.

Over 300,000 people attend the DreamHack tournaments every year, and even more people watch them live on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

  • Where: USA, Sweden, Spain, Canada
  • When: Various times throughout the year
  • How much: $30 to $535

What’s interesting: As Adam Stevens rightly pointed out, esports can be absolutely amazing in terms of atmosphere. To see how your favorite team wins the final battle, or to witness the incredible victory of an outsider over the general favorite – all these are indescribable emotions! DreamHack gives fans the opportunity to see these unforgettable moments with their own eyes.

Gaming event Insomnia

The Insomnia gaming event started as a local online tournament where players competed for the title of the best, but in recent years it has become more of an entertainment gaming event. It is considered the largest gaming festival in the UK and is very popular.

  • Where: Birmingham, England
  • When: Various times throughout the year
  • How much: Varies

What’s Interesting: Dan Mayer says that Insomnia has “a bunch of activities to keep you entertained” and you’ll have “the chance to find new friends, new hobbies, and even a new job.”

PlayStation Experience

Although Sony usually makes major announcements at E3, for several years in a row, the company has hosted its own event dedicated specifically to games on the PlayStation, called the PlayStation Experience, at the end of the year. This is where Sony makes unannounced presentations and updates on its biggest franchises, including The Last of Us.

  • Where: Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)
  • When: Every year in December
  • How much: $65 to $75

What’s Great: The PlayStation Experience has a lot to offer for PlayStation fans, including the chance to play games, listen to and even meet developers, and hear and see all of Sony’s annual announcements and announcements. And here, fans of Sony consoles share their impressions of their favorite games, characters, etc.

Although the geek events we have described here are some of the most famous, there are other very popular festivals as well. So, no matter how unusual your interests as a geek may seem, somewhere there is bound to be a festival for you.



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