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What are the Types of Family Law?

Family law has a wide range of cases to deal with. It covers a large spectrum of all related to family-related matters. People often misunderstand that family only deals with divorce cases but on the contrary, it deals with many other issues. Visit this website to know more. 

Paternity and Child Custody Lawyer

A family lawyer helps to dispose of and prove paternity if it is questioned. In cases like if a person is paying support for a child and they are the biological parent of that child, a question is raised regarding their paternity, thus, a family lawyer comes in handy to help them solve the matter. There are more instances when a parent has to plan to take responsibility for the child after a divorce, a lawyer helps them in such cases too. 

Marriage and Civil Union Lawyer

When a couple is about to get married or enter a civil union, family law can be called upon to discuss the prenuptial agreement. In some instances, the family law representatives are also called upon to set a postnuptial agreement regarding the liabilities and assets. 

Adoption Lawyer

At times when you need to put a child for adoption or you are willing to adopt a child, you may contact a family lawyer dealing with adoption laws. They will help you find legitimate agencies and ensure that you file the correct legal paperwork. They will also guide you regarding same-sex adoption and help the stepparents to adopt.

Family Law Dealing with Abuse

There is a section of family law representatives who deals with domestic violence cases. Anyone, whether married or unmarried, adult or minor, may take the help of a family law attorney to get protection against their abusers. They help the victim find shelter and file a petition for protection. Further, they help in claiming compensation from the abuser for mental and physical abuses that have made the life of the victim difficult. 

Divorce Lawyers

Lastly, the most common kind of family law known to the people is divorce law. The work of a divorce lawyer is well known to all. A divorce lawyer will take into consideration all the aspects leading to the divorce and help a couple get the divorce mutually by negotiation and compensating. In case, a divorce is not set mutually they will help in courtroom representation of the case.



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