Home Technology Why and How Engage in Extracurricular Activities Attending Online Classes?

Why and How Engage in Extracurricular Activities Attending Online Classes?

Why and How Engage in Extracurricular Activities Attending Online Classes?


You cannot be having a whole experience of being a student if you are only an individual participating in the online teaching sites for academics. There are activities like Students clubs, Community service, arts, and athletes. If you join along with doing justice to your academics, it will give you an experience of being a complete student.

These activities, which we popularly denote as “extracurricular” activities, will help you develop skills and motivation and provide you with a medium to engage in social interactions much better and make bonds with other classmates of yours.

These days, when the world is suffering the plight of the Pandemic, the schools, universities, and other educational institutes have started adapting to a unique and effective model for imparting education. Hybrid Learning model, where the students will be engaged in both the ways periodically for smooth and effective conduction of academics and extracurricular activities necessary for the student to participate. 

These days more and more universities worldwide are now offering several courses and programs for students to participate in. However, to develop their skills into the coursework and help them engage more and more into personalized learning. 

With such offerings and facilities available for the students, they now have more choices to opt from according to their different preferences in life. 

Extracurricular and related programs are essential as they improve learning ability; below, we will discuss why Extracurricular activities are necessary for the students to participate simultaneously while focussing on academics. 

Extracurricular Promotes Active Learning

With Extracurricular activities, individuals are mastering their abilities and skills, which they apply to the real-life experiences they have to face while participating in such activities. Therefore, Extracurricular activities can also be called Experimental learning activities, which the curriculum has also mentioned. As we are moving towards more digitalization, with hands-on projects being directed to students through online or mobile teacher app, is one such way of implementing academics along with experimental learning or Extracurricular; also, such measures should be encouraged and promoted. 

The main objective/goal/aim of incorporating such activities into the E-learning curriculum is to expose students to as many as possible real-life situations, which becomes automatically more valuable for students in today’s fast-changing world. 

Experimental learning can hold both as solving different cases or projects or could include the conduction of new experiments. In either of the above cases, experiments and extracurricular activities will only boost up an individual’s fundamental life skills and confidence. 

It Helps You to Find Bonds or Like-Minded People 

An extracurricular activity makes you inherently more social and interactive. If an individual wants to enjoy life while studying or doing any work, you need to find your crowd. If a like-minded person connects to you through these activities, it is only beneficial to socialize with that person. Bonding with others helps you build your communication skills and eventually makes you Interview ready. You’ll be confident in sharing your views and putting your perception and solutions to different problems. 

Sports Training

Various online platforms provide information to you regarding your favorite sport, in which you aspire to train yourself more. Schools and other educational institutes accept applications online to get yourself registered into the particular sport committee of your interest. 

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a yoga enthusiast, a casual runner, or whatsoever, you can join the different clubs organized by your university from which you are pursuing academics. All you need to do is manage your time and get the lectures or notifications about the sport online, followed by offline conduction of matches. That is how hybrid learning works. 


It is equally important to participate in different extracurricular activities to stay motivated all the time, which will help you in active learning and enhance your proactive approach towards a routine that you will regularly follow to make your day productive.


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