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Wow!!!! It’s Nadula 5th anniversary sale…

With the constant changing of fashion, the types of wigs are constantly streamlined as well. To meet the requirements of different people, new kinds of wigs come into sight in the request-V part and T part wig. In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the V part and T part wig mortal hair and help you make a better choice, Nadula wig dealer is there with stylish quality of wigs. As it’s our 5th anniversary we have great deals and offers on wide range of our collection. Visit nadul.com for details.

T part wig

T part wig makes a protean hair fashion without any pressure and worries about your natural hairs. Except for the T part, the whole wig is made by hair packets which are 100 % mortal hairs, slipping free, and distraction free, soft, and bouncy.

But you don’t know what t part wig are, don’t worry dear each, we’re then always for your help to know all about it


  • A typical 13×6 T- part lace wig just has a 13x 6 “T” shape parting space and other sections are machine- made. This is an attempt to make lace wigs more affordable but still with long deep parting. However, you can choose T- part lace wigs, if you aren’t spending all your coins on a lace wig.
  • Because of the “T” structure of the wig cap, only has lace along the border. and the parting area, it’s a fixed part line, so you’re unfit to free part your T- part lace wig.

The Cons of the T part Wig

The main con with this wig is also part of why it’s so affordable. Because of the structure of the wig cap the T part and lace only at the T section, the part line is fixed. So, you cannot change up where it’s parted.

Now that we have told you a lot about t part wigs, we are sure you are ready to see for yourself. However, please visit our Nadula hair store, or you can also order online by visiting our sanctioned website, if you want to buy high- quality T Partwigs.com. Nadula hair offers 100% mortal hair T part wig, which is healthy and high quality, without any dangerous chemicals.

Nadula t part are

  • Made of 100 virgin mortal hair
  • Comes in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors
  • Affordable so you can buy as numerous as you like to mix it up

 V part wig

A V part wig is a wig that’s modified partial wig with a v- shaped opening at the top. A v part wig is also known as a v- shaped wig or thin part wigs.

Advantages Of V Part Wig

  1. Flexible Haircut

The V part wig no leave out can allow you to wear your own crown with no leave out or just small beaches left out according to your need. Either, you also can freely make a side part or middle part according to your preference. And you also can add some accessories to try different styles, similar as headbands, clips, and so on.

  1. Affordable

Compared to a lace wig, the V part wig mortal hair is more affordable because of the machine- made construction.

  1. Easy to Wear

You can put on it and take it off every day fluently and snappily. More importantly, indeed though on busy days, you can change your haircut briskly.

  1. Give Your Crown and Natural Hair A Break Between Wetlands

The V part wig with leave out can allow your crown and hair to have a break. Either, you can have the access to cleanse and watch for it regularly.

  1. Promote the Growth of Your Natural Hair

A V part wig is a great option for people who want to let their crown have a break but still with a nice haircut. As a defensive haircut for natural hair, it also can promote the growth of your natural hair.

  1. Hide Hair Disease and Add Some Volumes to Hair

The mortal hair V part wig is suitable for black women who are suffering hair loss or featuring of thick and full hair. It can help you hide some hair problems therefore giving you a new look.

Features of a V part wig

Then are some of the notable features of V part wigs

  • No lace, no cornrows
  • They’re veritably permeable and comfortable
  • Now suture in or leave out
  • Mix impeccably with natural hairline
  • Matches the roots of the hair
  • No grazing cap demanded
  • Can install or take off everyday

Some Useful Tips For You

  1. Still, we unfeignedly recommend you buy a V part or T part wig mortal hair that’s made of 100 virgin mortal hair, if you want to get a most natural look. The hair is soft, bouncy, and can be painted, permed, blanched, stressed, uncurled, or nominated as your own hair according to your need.
  2. Before you decide to make a V part and T part mortal hair wig, you had better decide how important hair you prepare to leave out in advance and also mark the V- shaped part on the V part wig cap according to your need, which can help you avoid the V- shaped part too small or too large to some extent.
  3. When you start to suture in the first and last weaves on the V part and T part wig cap, please make sure the weaves are laying as flat and close together as possible, which can make the V part wig style and mix with your natural hair much easier.
  4. When cutting the redundant fabrics, you must take care not to cut close to the V- shaped part.
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