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8 Questions for Choosing A Packaging Company for Pre-Roll Boxes

8 Questions for Choosing A Packaging Company for Pre-Roll Boxes

The cannabis industry is booming. It’s not only growing but also changing gears at an accelerated pace. The product itself has undergone tremendous developments in potency, taste, smell, and effects since its legalization almost a decade ago.

One of the main reason’s consumers enjoy this new world of legal weed is that pre-rolled joints are now widely available on dispensary shelves. What used to be exclusively sold in head shops are now easily accessible to anyone with or without medical dispensaries nearby. Since these products are already conveniently rolled up for you, they’re essentially ready to enjoy right out of the box!

But do you know that you need to consider several questions for choosing pre roll boxes? Let’s find out!

1. What Are Your Product Packaging Needs?

There are several sizes of pre-rolled joints, from the slightest being half a gram up to about two grams. Suppose you have a dispensary or a business that sells a pre-rolled product. In that case, you need to know if it’s better for your packaging to buy one size only, different sizes altogether, or all available sizes in one pack.

For instance, if your dispensary sells products from half a gram up to two grams every day, it would be best for you to have them all in your inventory so that customers do not need to go elsewhere and end up buying other brands. Since each kind will require its production, buying at least three different kinds of containers (or more) will cost you and your company more money.

2. How Much Space Do You Need for Your Pre-Rolls?

If you only have a small dispensary and limited storage space, then it will be best to buy one size of the pre-roll box that fits your needs. It’s better to have just the right amount of available space than to have empty containers that are not being used at all.

3. What Size Should My Packaging Company Make My Pre-Rolls?

There are different sizes of containers, but they can also be adjusted to accommodate a particular volume or weight. If you have a good manufacturer, they will know how much can be placed in each box so as not to damage or alter the quality of your product. With this, expect uniform measurements and a box that is neatly packaged.

4. How should my packaging company package my product?

Packaging materials are made from different kinds of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages, but they all serve the same purpose: to protect the contents inside. Therefore, whenever you go over several options, it’s always best to choose ones that utilize reusable or recyclable materials so as not to add to the growing pile of trash in landfills.

5. Is It Better to Choose Transparent Packaging?

Yes! Experts say that one of the most common mistakes when choosing pre-roll boxes is opting for an opaque container rather than a see-through one. It’s better if your containers allow clients and customers to see the actual product inside rather than just pictures of them. Clients and customers typically stay away from brands that offer opaque packaging because they say that it makes products appear unprofessional.

6. What Factors Should We Consider When Choosing Pre-Roll Boxes?

The size of the pre-roll box is essential to determine its compatibility with your product, but you need to consider many other things too, such as the material type, printing options—specifically color choices—and whether or not you want it decorated with custom logos or lettering.

7. How Do I Make Sure My Brand Will Look Good on These Pre-Roll Containers?

When thinking about how your brand will look on your pre-roll boxes, remember to go beyond the aesthetics. It’s important to consider how your packaging material will affect the product’s performance. With plastic pre-roll boxes, for example, you should make sure your containers are BPA-free—not just because it’s better for people but because plastics infused with BPA can scratch and affect the scent of cannabis oils. This may not be the best choice for brands that compete on flavor.

8. What Kind of Materials Can I Use to Package Pre-Rolls?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to packaging your pre-rolls, and we want to help you get the most out of them by choosing the right material! Our favorite material is board stock: It’s sturdy and stands up well even in high heat or humidity. Board stock generally does not need any extra decoration—it already looks appealing thanks to its subtle sheen and smooth texture. Once you’ve found your container, though, you’ll need an easy way to seal it—we recommend using sealing stickers like these.

Other than that, you can use almost any material for packaging, including current blister packs.

HDPE is another good choice. Some of our most loyal customers have found uses for their pre-roll boxes long after they’ve met their original purpose. These multi-use containers are made out of HDPE (a plastic similar to milk jugs) and come in a variety of colors, including clear and opaque white. They’re lightweight but still durable, making them the perfect way to package your pre-rolls!

One final option: If you want something that looks elegant, try metal cans like these here. They’re great for packaging large quantities of pre-rolls or tobacco products, and we offer options that come with spin top lids or flip-top lids.

You can use any of these materials as per your business needs. So, thoroughly check each material and then make your choice.

Final Words:

This article has answered the 8 most important questions that you need to consider while choosing the right packaging company for pre-roll boxes. So, do not waste any more time and choose your preferred material or packaging company now. https://stampaprints.com/custom-boxes/ is reliable company and you can trust this company for your packaging orders.

Moreover, if you have some other questions in your mind regarding packaging, so feel free to contact us. We will make sure that you get all your answers without any hassle. Just stay in touch with our site for more new and informative articles.


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