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Best Window Design Trends for 2022

Best Window Design Trends for 2022
Best Window Design Trends for 2022

Things can be trendy for a bunch of reasons. While a song is said to be trendy because of its catchy tune, a housing product like a window or a door needs to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe to stay ahead of the curve. With a wide range of fenestration product options these days, it can get a little confusing to pick one. 

While you would want a trendy-looking window design, you would also want it to remain stylish and functional for the years to come. Thus, you need to consider several factors before picking a window design that does not only look good but also adds value. 

So, if you are on the lookout for some fantastic windows that are all the rage this year, here are a few design trends that you should consider: 

Lightweight Window Frame 

You cannot overlook this aspect of selecting windows, especially if you plan on a trendy-looking window that serves the functional benefits. Lightweight window frames have a bunch of benefits to offer. One of the best materials to get access to this quality is aluminium. 

Aluminium is inherently sturdy, ensuring that it can efficiently support larger windows. Since this material is lightweight, users can easily operate the windows. This is not the case with uPVC and wooden windows. uPVC windows are chunky and unable to support larger windows.

More importantly, these windows make the operability factor a daunting task. Furthermore, wooden windows require excellent craftsmanship but are still challenging to open and close and may sustain damage from termite infestation, moisture, etc. 

Moreover, reputed manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA are home to patented technology for coating the frames. For instance, the TEXGUARD coating enables windows to resist damage from moisture, corrosion, scratches, etc. More importantly, it ensures that windows and door frames do not lose their lustre and colour for upto 40 years. This makes maintenance a breeze.   

While these are easy to maintain, it is possible to mould aluminium into any bespoke design. For instance, users can access sliding windows, bifold windows, casement windows, tilt and turn windows, French windows, hung windows, etc. 

Wide Glass Window Panels

This has to be one of the trendiest yet classic-looking window designs. With wide glass window panels, you can easily enjoy the expansive and panoramic views of your surroundings. Moreover, these large glass panels help you create a virtual glass wall that allows natural light to flood indoors, making your room feel a lot more spacious and refreshed.

However, these features are possible to replicate with aluminium windows. This is because aluminium windows are sleek, providing an isometric design that is devoid of any obstruction. With the help of aluminium windows, one can install large, extensive windows that go as high as the ceiling and may even replace a wall with ease. 

Multi-Functional Windows

Modern houses require modern solutions. Right from furniture to fenestration productions, everything is multi-functional these days to offer a more flexible and convenient lifestyle to you. With large glass panes, you can create virtual walls that can offer some much-needed privacy while also giving you the flexibility of open spaces that feel a lot more capacious. 

The multi-functional aspect of these windows is only possible if you partner with reputed aluminium window manufacturers. Let’s look at these added benefits: 

  1. Air and Water Tightness: Reputed manufacturers of doors and windows want to ensure proper air and water tightness. TOSTEM INDIA achieves this feat with the assistance of rubber gaskets, silicone sealants, EPDM gaskets, etc. This company also tests windows and doors as per Japanese Industrial Standards. 
  2. Sound Insulation: One of the most challenging aspects of installing windows is exposing the indoor environment to the ruckus of the outside world. However, sound insulation qualities are prevalent with quality aluminium doors and windows. For instance, the EDPM gaskets, which are primarily used in automobiles, facilitate sound insulation. Installing TOSTEM INDIA’s windows can reduce the noise levels upto 25dB. 
  3. Drainage: When it is raining, water accumulation is a significant challenge. However, double drainage systems in windows ease this challenge. These drains are in-built in the frames and ensure that the collected water gets drained outside. 

Minimalistic Window Design

Clean yet stylish looking frames enhance the overall curb appeal of modern homes. Usually, the sleek design of sliding and folding doors bestows a contemporary look. Moreover, simple and clean frames give an illusion of a larger space that adds up to the splendour of the space. 

Not to mention that minimal window frames do give a more organised look and can give the space a tidy appearance. Also, lesser use of metal ensures that lesser heat is absorbed from outside, making the frames a lot more energy-efficient.

While the aesthetic appeal is an important consideration, safety is something that should not be overlooked, especially with wider glass panels. While proper glazing is important, it is equally essential to ensure that the windows come equipped with high-quality locks. For instance, TOSTEM INDIA installs windows with a crescent lock system that offers excellent safety and security, decreasing the chances of break-ins. 


Picking the right window design for your home can be confusing, especially when there are so many options available. But we hope that this list of trendy window designs will help you shortlist some of the best and most functional options that suit the architecture of your home perfectly. 

If you are looking for a specific window design, you should have a look at TOSTEM INDIA’s wide range of fenestration products. With their people-centric home solutions, you are bound to find some of the best and most stylish window designs for your home without any hassle. 


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