Home Business Burger Packaging Boxes – 5 Popular Types That You Should Know

Burger Packaging Boxes – 5 Popular Types That You Should Know

Burger Packaging Boxes – 5 Popular Types That You Should Know

When you think of a burger, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it good food and tasty sauce, or is it a large box filled with layers of the paper sheet? And if it’s the latter, what do you think about this preference for choosing a paper-based packaging over others?

More and more companies have been opting for paper-based packaging boxes for several reasons. First of all, paper boxes are considered eco-friendly materials that can be recycled and reused after use. In contrast, plastic boxes cannot be recycled once thrown away into garbage bins. It will end up harming or contaminating soil. This is because kraft paper box packaging wholesale products made from recycled materials (which is considered paper-based material) can reduce the amount of trash thrown into landfills daily.

Secondly, paper boxes are cost-effective. They come at a cheaper price than plastic or metal boxes, which have to go through an additional process for being recycled after use, like being cut into small pieces before sending them to recycling plants. When you order custom printed box packaging for your product delivery, make sure it is made from paper materials. This will help protect Mother Nature!

Here are five types of box packaging designs commonly used by companies:

1. Brown Kraft Boxes

The first one is brown Kraft boxes. You might be wondering why these types of box designs are considered the most popular choice among packaging boxes. Well, first of all, they are not only stylish but also durable. Their brownish color makes the products on them even more attractive to customers. Finally, since brown Kraft boxes are made of paperboard or similar materials, they can be recycled without too much trouble.

2. Folding Boxes

The second one is folding box packaging designs. Apart from being affordable, these boxes for packaging are popular because they can fit a lot of product. In fact, some manufacturers make these box types customizable to fit whatever you need to send off. Folding boxes are a great option for custom printing because they offer more space than other types of boxes. This is thanks to their open structure and hinged coverages with adhesive closures. These boxes for packaging are popular because they can be recycled and they are environmental-friendly.

3. Gable Boxes

The third one is gable boxes. The difference between the last two is the way the box opens. The hinged design opens like a folding door and the tuck top lid stays attached to the box after it is opened. There are two types of boxes for packaging: one-piece and two-piece. In both cases, the companies make these boxes from a single piece of paperboard that they double over to create the walls of the box. An inserted liner inside the box gives it its stiffness. This type of packaging is suitable for high-end marketing products due to its clean lines and stylish appearance.

4. Window Boxes

Another great option for packaging material is window boxes. They are made of the same paperboard as standard boxes, but they have windows that allow consumers to look inside. Your design might get hidden if it is against a patterned background. It is usually better to have the plain side against a solid background. These boxes are often used for products such as chocolates and other food or drink items. As always, make sure to check with your supplier if their windowing is glued (sealed) or not before choosing this type of packaging for your product.

5. Printed Smaller Boxes

The fifth one is small printed boxes, also known as smaller tuck top boxes. You can use them for your burgers. Moreover, you can also use them for products such as beverages, toffees and other candy. These boxes include a tuck top flap over the top of the box so you can easily open it when receiving your product. The companies make these boxes with an alternate folding technique, in which they fold inwards to reduce storage space while adding hardly any production cost.

You can use these packages to pack burgers. They are also very suitable for food delivery purposes. It will also give your business a competitive edge in the market. Creating these boxes is quite easy, and you can do it easily at home.

Different Considerations to Choose Burger Packaging Boxes

As a fast-food restaurant operator, one important thing that you should know about is burger packaging. You need to be very careful when looking for the right type of box from which you will pack your burgers. There are a few points that you have to consider in this matter. These factors include: 


This is an important factor in any business transaction. This is because every business wants its products to sell at a lower price to maximize its profits.


You also have to consider how well-made your boxes will be. In most cases, the quality of your boxes will determine how long they can last, so you have to consider this one.


This factor is very important because it tells you if your packaging box can convey the message that you want to bring across to your customers about your brand.


This is an important factor for visually visual people since they want their boxes to look good and better than their competitors. Here, you will get ideas on what kind of box design appeals most to people.

The Box Supplier

Once you are done making a list of these factors, the next step would be to find the right packaging print companies for your burger packaging boxes. Again, for most businesses out there, the majority would resort to the Internet for this part, which is very good indeed since they can quickly gather several suppliers from there.

Final Words:

Here I have provided all the important information about the various kinds of Burger Packaging Boxes. All the best for your business, and please comment below your opinions on the types of boxes you prefer to buy or use in your restaurant/shop, etc.


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