Home Business Designing Your Construction Site – A Recommendation That Redefines “Holistic”

Designing Your Construction Site – A Recommendation That Redefines “Holistic”

Designing Your Construction Site – A Recommendation That Redefines “Holistic”

There has been a rise in the number of construction sites that are branded especially in metropolitan areas, and with the right reason. The branding of your site is a cheap but effective method of marketing. Be aware that many job sites have large areas and require some kind of site-specific containment.

Particularly in urban areas where your job site will likely be bordered by an active road or sidewalk. If you’re using temporary heras fencing banners, covered walkways, or a fence around your perimeter, it could be a huge billboard that has good visibility. In this article we’ll offer some suggestions to help you make your website more attractive along with convincing reasons to think about doing it.

Why Branding Your Construction Site A Good Idea?

In simple terms the addition of branding on your website’s perimeter will increase brand recognition and drive sales. With the fierce competition in the construction sector It is essential to personalise your work. This is particularly important for projects that are notable or high-profile.

Branding is essential because of a number of reasons:

·         B2B decision makers agree that branding is just as important as sales.

·         Brands with strong reputations generate an increased EBIT margin than their competitors.

·         It takes around 5-7 impressions of your brand before someone will recall your brand

·         A consistent presentation of your brand’s image can yield an average an increase of 23 percent

Beyond this, there are a number of positive reasons that a brand-named construction site may be superior to other kinds of marketing:

Outdoor advertising is less expensive in cost per click than other channels for advertising. Consider how many visitors are likely to see your website as they walk, cycle, bicycle, or drive past. Compare the cost of banners against the costs of other types of advertising including print ads, radio and TV commercials.

Advertising your company’s name over your heras fence banners perimeter is a relatively inexpensive choice. The design of a hoarding that is brand-named can be captivating but not unwelcome. Since hoarding is an element of a backdrop, the proper design is able to draw attention and not disrupt someone’s day.

Other techniques for advertising like advertisements on radio or television could leave the impression of being negative since they interfere with the activities of the audience. It’s also possible to change the channel or station so that you are protected from those advertisements!

A construction site that is branded with your logo is completely free for the user who visits it. Your audience doesn’t have to sign up, opt-in or sign up – increasing your reach. It focuses on residents and workers within the area.

This is especially beneficial in the event that your project will include areas that are available to businesses in the sector or to members of the general public. It is also one of the very few types of public relations in which your message is promoted throughout the day and 7 days a week!

Solutions to Brand Your Construction Site

Are we convincing ourselves that branding your site for construction is an ideal idea? It’s time to begin investigating the different options for branding your site. Here are some of the ways to create a brand identity for your website to be a better containment system

Branded Screen

Branded scrim or branded heras banners is an ideal alternative for those who are using a temporary fencing and need to make sure you get the best impact. It is available in a variety of densities, so you can get a more transparent or opaque appearance. The banner is printed with your logo and can be hung on a temporary fence that surrounds the house that is being renovated.

The great thing about branded screens is the fact that they perform triple duty. It offers security, reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt, as well as branding your website all at once. (Of course, it depends on the thickness of the mesh.) Also, if it is constructed and maintained correctly screens that are branded with a logo can be used time and time again.

Signs And Banners

If covering your entire website with screen-printed graphics is a bit out of budget, banners can be the best option. They can be printed using vinyl, knit polyethylene mesh, or even solid vinyl. They offer a lot of bang for your buck as they can be utilised alongside basic privacy screens.

You can lease privacy screens from a provider such as Modu-Loc and then add logoed banners that will brand your website while keeping costs to a minimum. It is also possible to use the banners by themselves in case you don’t have to cover your entire website with scrim. Signs can also be a cost-effective alternative to screen with a logo.

They’re typically the least expensive alternative and are suitable for smaller budgets, but they cannot last as long as banners made of vinyl. There are often opportunities to use branding on your website. For example, do you utilise safety signs on your work websites? Why not mark them with a logo in order to emphasise that you are committed to safety, while also increasing awareness of your brand?

It is important to note that if you intend to hang something from the fence temporarily, you should strengthen the fence. Screens, signs and banners can add weight to your fence, which increases wind loads and pose a risk to the safety of.


If you’re using traditional hoarding made of plywood, you’re dealing with a huge blank canvas which is ideal to brand. Posters are an excellent option but you can also think about an adhesive vinyl coating to maximise the impact of your brand.

Adhesive vinyl stickers can be used to promote the construction or to promote your business. Hoarding can hide a shabby construction site and safeguard valuable equipment. One drawback is that neither the hoarding nor vinyl graphics are reusable; however, it’s an excellent option if you’re advertising a particular project.

Alternatives to Hoarding

A fantastic alternative to hoarding tradition is eco hoarding. In general, it is more secure, lighter and more eco-friendly than hoarding made of plywood. It’s simple to set up and the best part is that it is reusable. It’s also often approved by engineers. The PVC panels that are used in environmental hoarding are the ideal basis for advertising.

It is possible to peel them off then replace your graphics as required. Some companies that offer environmental hoarding offer design assistance for the advertisements themselves. If you want to custom print your advertisement on vinyl or mesh will depend on several factors.

This could include the location where the banner will be placed or set up, the length it will be displayed and whether it is necessary for the image to appear across both sides. While printing on scaffold banners could be cheaper when compared with printing on mesh banners, vinyl is more prone to being damaged or torn in extreme winds or weather conditions.

Make The Most Of Your Blank Canvas

Site containment isn’t just an essential barrier to protect your site of construction and public. It can also be an enormous billboard for your company. The site you work on is likely to run through important roadways or busy sidewalks providing great visibility. Make the most of this huge blank piece of paper to boost the brand’s visibility and increase sales!


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