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Next Land Editions: Your Cultural Homeland


If your manuscript, your typescript, or even if your ideas have not yet been put on paper and you don’t know how to shape them, but you want to have your book, don’t worry: Next Lands Editons, best publishing house in miami, makes your dreams possible. Young, but with the commitment of professionals who have worked in the publishing field for more than twenty years, Next Land Editions offers you reasonable prices, a fair contract where the copyright remains yours. Also, it proposes a job with a high level of responsibility with clients and, above all, a product at the level of the big publishers.

About us?

Next Land Editions is a publisher specialized in narrative and poetry; we promote several collections, in which traditional genres standout such as: novel, short story, essay, poetry, research, et al. With its headquarters in Miami, we are highly trained and qualified to give you the literary product you expect. For us there is one interest: you, dear author.

What motivates us?

Since the creation of NLE, the founding bases are three: truth, quality and transparency. For us there are three fundamental premises:

1) Establish a line of interest where artistic creation is the essential reason for our profile and conception.

2) Legitimize the role of the literary creator, above the norms of the great editorial emporiums where the literary matter (the content of the work) is a result that mediates towards the purely commercial product.

3) That the work is what the reader wants and has dreamed of.

In our hands, the literary work acquires its authentic value as part of the author’s creative honesty. We do not establish patterns or cultural conceptions. For the NLE the author represents the essential axis by which we are. Artistic value and quality are not separate: we link experience and professionalism; but we respect, above all, the creative space of the author.

Acceptance process

Today’s world increasingly requires formats, ways and options for the artistic work to reach a space, not only for greater distribution, but also for assimilation and choice for those who seek, in specific places, the product they wish to consume. Our editorial is no stranger to such processes. For this, it offers a promotion service through the sale of the work hosted on the Amazon platform, the creation of book trailers, hosting reviews, articles on web pages, articles, promotional videos, insertion in the field of traditional distribution and digital. We offer the possibility for the author to insert himself in each of the legitimate spaces so that his work acquires not only fame, but also hierarchy.

To do this, we establish an acceptance policy that begins with the submission of the manuscript, the typescript —in case it is already digitized—, we establish a specialized Opinion that includes its approval or disapproval. In the case of the second, we send it to the author with a view to working on the markings. If the work goes to a second stage, another procedure is specified: whether it should be rewritten or not. Depending on the determination, the corresponding services are offered. When the editing and proofreading process is finished, it moves on to other services such as illustration design, layout (emplane) and image design, which includes the creation of the book cover. The final part of the process is completed with the publication of the book.

Our offers

We offer editing services, design correction, layout, rewriting, all in an effective, fast, professional and thorough way. We are a publisher that opens to the market with full guarantees. Our conception is to offer the public-reader a cultural content that reflects the author’s taste and conception. But, above all things, we do a finished job, in terms of quality, preferences and choices.

We represent the creeds of the readers and we express, in each work, the cultural integration, the values of the groups and trends without discrimination or contempt. For us there is a principle: the publisher-author link. The integrity of the authors represents the guarantee and the reason for being who we are. Your dreams have a name: Next Land Editions.


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