Home Sport Novak Djokovic leaves Australia after a court denies his visa appeal

Novak Djokovic leaves Australia after a court denies his visa appeal

Novak Djokovic leaves Australia after a court denies his visa appeal

The controversy surrounding Novak Djokovic’s participation at the upcoming Australian Open finally reached its conclusion on Sunday following many days of confusion. The tennis player left Australia via an Emirates flight headed for Dubai, having lost his legal fight against a decision to cancel his passport for the second time.

In a hearing that was conducted via video early in the morning, the three Federal Court judges unanimously dismissed Djokovic’s appeal to overturn the immigration minister’s decision of removing his visa. However, they did not provide the reasoning behind the decision. Novak Djokovic is “the greatest player to ever play tennis for men. However, he has left an ‘uncomplicated’ legacy on the court.

The world’s number. One was set to play on Monday night at the Australian Open in Melbourne, in which the reigning champion the ambition of winning an unprecedented 21st men’s grand slam title. The scandalous, off-court drama which pitted one of tennis’s top players against the Australian government and health officials was a distraction from the build-up to the first grand tennis slam. In an announcement, Djokovic said he was “extremely shocked” by the decision and said he would cooperate with the authorities regarding his exile from Australia.

“I find it difficult to accept because the focus on the past few weeks was on me and I am hoping that we are able to concentrate on the tournament and game I am passionate about,” the statement added. “I want to wish the players, officials of the tournament personnel, volunteers, and the fans all the best of luck during the event. “Djokovic’s final destination following his arrival in Dubai remains to be confirmed, but Serbian Premier Ana Brnabic said she was anticipating to see the star of Serbia return home.

“I find the decision shocking. I’m very disappointed. believe it’s shown that the law of rule works in other nations, i.e. the way it isn’t working,” said Brnabic in an interview with Beta News Agency in Belgrade. “I am looking forward to seeing Djokovic in his country in Serbia and going through this with him and support him during this time of struggle for his family and friends.”

The immigration minister Alex Hawke welcomed the court’s decision and highlighted the government’s determination to maintain solid border policies. Australia has been known to have some of the most rigorous border policies around the globe to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Hawke stated that the rules have been able to keep Australians “safe” throughout the outbreak in the past and are “fundamental” for “safe-guarding Australia’s social stability.”

“Australians have put in a lot of sacrifices to reach this stage,” the statement said. Australian PM Scott Morrison echoed his message in a statement sent to the media. “This cancelation decision was taken on safety, health and good order grounds on the grounds that it is in the public’s best interest to take this decision. I am pleased with the decision to protect our borders and to ensure that Australians secure,” he said.

“I appreciate my fellow players and the Court of Appeal for the prompt response to these issues as well as the patience shown by all parties while we worked to solve this issue. Now is the time to start preparing for this year’s Australian Open and get back to playing tennis in the summer. “Although the number of cases of Covid-19 is increasing in Australia, the country is also home to an extremely high level of vaccination, and the death rate from Covid-19 is relatively low in comparison to other countries. Last week, the government had more than 1 million cases of Covid-19 across the course of the pandemic, but over half of those cases occurred within the past two weeks.


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