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The Famous Wolf Cut and How to Style It

The Famous Wolf Cut and How to Style It

When the pandemic started, people found new things to keep themselves busy. More people joined TikTok, while others tried trending hairstyles. Women were freer to experiment with their hair, hence the rise of many hairstyles, like the wolf cut hairdo. 

While the wolf hairstyle seems new, the truth is, it is an improvement on the shag haircut. The shag has been around since the 70s, but hairstylists have found better ways to style it. And now every woman wants to try the new wolf cut hairdo.


  1. What Is A Wolf Hairstyle?

Hairstylists have modified the 70s shag hairstyle to get the wolf haircut. They also mix it with a slight mullet to make it more modern. The hairstyle is known for its layers which bring out more volume. 

The layers are shorter at the top of the head, making the hair around more voluminous and with added texture. However, there is a contrast between the front and back layers because the back ones are longer. The final look is edgy, with an almost undone kind of style. The hairdo can be worn by women who don’t mind a messy look with a rocker vibe. 

The wolf cut is a gender-neutral hairstyle. However, the essential role of the wearer is to ensure they know exactly how they want to look at the end of the cut. You can bring a picture to the stylist to help them understand your haircut better. You should also specify if you want more or more volume because various cuts have different layers.

  1. Wolf Hairstyle And Hair Types

Some hairstyles are choosy with hair types, and also, some hair textures cannot be styled in specific ways. However, the wolf haircut is not very picky with hair types. The wearer needs to grow their hair to the desired length and get the hairdo from an expert stylist. 

Although this hairdo is not picky with hair types, it suits most people with fine hair. They choose the wolf cut because it adds volume and body to their strands, something they fancy. 

However, if you like your hairdo cool and non-dramatic with little to no movement, this might not be your cup of tea. The haircut is also not picky with hair lengths. People with short hair can style it, and those with long strands have to chop their front strands. 

  1. How To Style The Wolf Haircut

Once you have decided to get a wolf cut, the other challenge is styling it. There are many ways to style the wolf cut, and they all depend on your hair texture and personal preference. You also need some hair products like a leave-in conditioner to add shine and playfulness if you have curly hair. 

People with straight and fine hair need heating tools and hair products to get a tousled look. The heat gives your hair more texture, and it also creates waves. If you want to add volume, try the dry shampoo. A texturizing g spray will give you beachy waves. 

  Ideally, there are rules around wolf haircuts. The wearers should focus more on what style makes them feel beautiful, and they can also experiment with new ideas. Ensure you have a lot of fun with your haircut to enjoy the most. 

The hairdo allows you to change your day’s mood entirely with a style change. You can also blow-dry your hair to do away with the ends. However, use heating objects carefully because they make the strands weaker. Ensure you also apply a heat-protecting cream on your hair before blow-drying to avoid heat damage. 

  1. The common wolf-style haircut to try

a. Choppy And Messy Wolf Cut

If you are a daring woman, you can try the choppy and messy style. The hairstyle looks unkempt, with longer strands at the back and a short fringe. You can wear this style with a collarbone length back hair or shoulder length. However, if you don’t want to chop your front strands into a fringe, this is not the hairstyle for you.


Source: La wolf cut, la coupe la plus tendance du moment



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