Home Technology Top 6 IVR service providers in India of 2022

Top 6 IVR service providers in India of 2022

Top 6 IVR service providers in India of 2022

IVR is one of the most promising technologies to work on your business in an extremely short time. You can utilize an automated communication framework with one of the IVR solution software. With this innovation, you can easily connect with the client through voice and DTMF tones. You are permitted to install input through the keyboard. Many substances will like the IVR solution to distinguish and fragment caller choices. This element with IVR support can resolve client issues shortly without including the live interaction of the specialist at the initial discussion. You can profit from the advantages of IVR with the best IVR services in India. Here are some of India’s top 6 IVR solution providers to go after your IVR arrangement needs.


Knowlarity is the most trustable cloud innovation solution supplier. With their association, you can empower more significant level cloud-based technology to guarantee client communication within your call centre. You can update your client availability to an unbelievable level with the help of the IVR framework from Knowlarity. You can include computerized client integration with your call centre to develop consumer loyalty. You can include the ivr number provider software in both inbound and outbound call centre platforms. The IVF software at Knowlarity works with DTMF input entered by the client. You can enjoy many benefits with administration at Knowlarity.

Over 6000+ organizations across 65+ nations trust its solution. Knowlarity engages organizations across each industry to understand the complete ability of cloud-based communication. With over 300+ representatives, it gives organizations unparalleled dependability and intelligence by empowering business communication.


Exotel is one of the main business services that make your business more powerful with a simple software approach. Exotel gives you an operating API within IVR innovation that coordinates clients consequently based on their reaction. With the IVR India framework from Exotel, you can easily direct your incoming calls utilizing a hosted number. You can bring the specialists effectiveness by saving most working hours.


Ozonetel is best in giving multi-level IVR arrangements inside your call centre platform. You can have different elective choices to perform your client communication through IVR arrangements. You can customize your IVR system India arrangement based on your business needs with appropriate language, DTMF tones and functional dashboard. Ozonetel will give you a single client facing number that gives unlimited opportunity to the client while arriving at your representative.


Servetel Cloud Call Center is a facilitated telephony arrangement that empowers organizations to smooth out client service activities. It will assist directors with following worker usefulness based on different exercises, including the quantity of replied/unanswered calls and active or inactive specialists utilizing constant dashboards. Key elements of Servetel Cloud Call Center incorporate voice broadcasting, missed call campaigning, interactive voice reaction (IVR) and mass messaging. It allows administrators to direct or forward calls to particular specialists, guaranteeing a fast response to client questions and brand reputation. It will offer a call executive suite to assist clients with automating call recording, sending and taking care of processes. Also, it gives organizations virtual and toll-free numbers to speak with clients across areas.


You can construct the most thorough communication within your call centre platform. Fonebell gives you extreme advantages that will never avoid your representatives about work focus. You can partake in a beam of benefit with the specialized tool given at IVR arrangement. You can get to IVR tools at your inbound and outbound client cooperation platforms. Fonebell business administrations will endeavour to release your business potential through cloud communication arrangements. With the IVR arrangement from Fonebell, you can incorporate different features like sound conferencing, automated call move, call review and barging, call lines, ability based directing, etc.


You can exceptionally develop your client experience with Omni-channel client care at Genesys. You can engage your element with the most advantageous highlights and innovations. With the consistent interfacing highlight at Genesys, they are recorded as the most trustable client service providers. With the IVR arrangement from Genesys, you can initiate updates, account applications, study, refill, reorder, and more. IVR arrangement from Genesys will expand the work process within your business.

Include the best IVR service providers

IVR service providers can improve your organization with all advantages and elements. To introduce IVR arrangement with high speed, you can move toward Knowlarity B2B service providers. At Knowlarity, you can guarantee the most advantageous highlight that will uphold you at each phase of the call centre project.



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