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Girly Sketchy: Introduction to sketching

Girly Sketchy: Introduction to sketching

Before discussing girly sketchy first, it is necessary to know what sketching is? Sketching is nothing but a rough drawing done by an artist to give a base for his painting. Sketching can also be the base to study formal drawing. Basically, the study is more detailed than sketching. Or it is a highly detailed presentation of anything that is used in a large formation. Also, sketching can be done as time pass with no set goal in your mind. However, it is very useful for an artist to seize the impression of any person or scene before it swaps. Sketching solves many purposes, such as it is used to record an idea of the artist which he can use later, or it is used by an artist to record the scene that he sees, or it is a quick representation of an idea, image or principle.

Sketching is done using charcoal, pastel, graphite, pencil in a dry medium. Or it can be done by using a pen, digital pen, water color, oil paint, ballpoint pen, etc. However, using oil paint and watercolor are known as oil sketches and watercolor sketches, respectively.

Methods of sketching

There are two types of sketching. One is shading, and the other is the line art.

Line art

Line art is the first attempt done by the artist. It acts as a plot for your drawing and is without lightness and shading. It only conveys the structure, dimension, mood, and movement of the painting.


In shading, an artist gives detailing to the sketch and adds value to his painting.

Types of Sketch

There are mainly 4 types of sketch

  • Fashion Sketching

To make fashion sketches, it is necessary to have good knowledge of the human body and face proportions. You must know how to formalize figures in your sketches. In this type of sketching, it is necessary to focus on the cloth design and know-how to convey the feel of cloth texture, hair, and metal—skin, etc.

  • Travel sketching

Travel sketching is nothing but a drawing of objects with different positions, such as in a high speed, stable car on the road, or to convey the feel of the place, object while focusing on the proportions and scale of the object.

  • Interior Sketching

This type of sketching is useful for interior designers. In this, one must understand the perspective and laws and also have the ability to judge proportions and scale. An interior designer must deliver the feel of the color and do justice to the beauty of their designs.

  • Industrial sketching

It is used to make 3D objects and clearly shows their volume and structural design. 

About Girly Sketchy

Girly sketchy is nothing but making sketches of a girl in a distinct posture. Women are a part of artworks due to their impeccable beauty. And making those girly sketchy may open the doors to the drawings which are more complex in nature. To make the sketches of women and girls, one must have knowledge of the face and human body. You can make different sketches of girls and women. However, to make clean sketches, the artists use some techniques for perfect proportions.

Final words

I hope you understand the basics of sketching and its methods and types. So. grab your pencil and drawing sheets and start making the girly sketchy and other shaded sketches.


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