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What is a Draw in Golf & How is it Different From a Fade?

What is a Draw in Golf & How is it Different From a Fade?

Golf is a wonderful sport to watch or play. However, many basic terms and rules of golf are not very common to laymen. The gap in understanding of golf 

is maybe the reason why not a lot of people are attracted to it. People confuse golf with being a very complicated sport, whereas, in reality, it is not. There are many direct, simple terms and rules that are extremely easy to understand.

Once you make the small effort to understand these small elements of golf, you will surely fall in love with this fascinating game. Here, we are going to talk about What is a draw in golf and Fade in golf. These common terms are extremely easy to understand. Moreover, after understanding terms like this, you will surely enjoy the game even more, and it may even help you to play better!

What is a Draw?

Well, as well all know that golf is a game that is all about swings. One has to swing in the best manner possible to get the ball near the hole. However, as the golf course is a vast and open field, one needs to hit a lot of powerful and high-flying shots so that the ball reaches near the hole. One such swing technique is called a draw. A draw swing/shot is one in which the ball is curved right to left while travelling in the air. The Draw shot/swing is a great way to get out of tricky situations and get the ball in the safe playing zone. Moreover, there are various elements that affect the curvature of the ball in the air. Let us look at a few below.

Wind- In golf, the high flying swings such as a draw are highly affected by the wind. As we mentioned earlier, the golf field is a large and vast open ground. Hence, it is obvious that the gusts of winds will be high and frequent there. Hence, to play a shot like a draw in golf, one has to keep the wind in check.

The grip- Another important element that affects the shot to become a draw is the grip. It is all about the swing in golf, and a good swing always comes from a good grip. Hence, just like all the other swings/shots in golf, even a draw heavily depends on the golfer’s grip.

The Angle-  To hit the draw swing/shot (curve the ball from right to left) is no joke. Along with everything else, the golfer also needs to keep a check on the angle at which he strikes the swing. The angle is the main element that drives the ball to take a huge curve while spinning in the air.

What is a Fade?

Now, since you know what a draw in golf is, let us know what a fade is. To explain this golf term in a nutshell, the fade is exactly an opposite of a draw. In the drawing, the golf ball spins right to left. The ball takes a curve in the air but from left to right in the fade.  


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