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Ways to Get Your Astrology Chart Without Knowing Your Birth Time


Imagine your birth chart as a clock, with the planets representing the hands of the clock. Just a small time difference can change your rising sign from Pisces to Aquarius.

In addition, inaccurate birth times can lead to significant discrepancies in the placement of signs in your astrology house. This can create problems in interpreting your astrological chart. For example, the moon moves quickly and only stays in each sign for a short period. Therefore, if your birth time is off by just a few hours, it could incorrectly place your moon in the wrong house.

What is Astrological Rectification?

Getting your birth time is critical to getting accurate natal chart information, but don’t worry if you don’t have it. Professional astrologers have a solution called “Rectification” which involves a lengthy process of “backward forecasting.”

This includes analyzing events in your life and comparing them to traits in astrology. It can be a difficult and tiring process, but if you have a detailed record of your life history and remember significant events, using psychic astrology readings you can estimate your birth time more accurately, giving you a better understanding of your astrology chart.

If you are unable to rectify your time of birth with a skilled astrologer to correct your natal chart, do not despair. There are other options available to you.

Try Your Fix

Once you understand that your rising sign has the most weight in your astrology chart, you can make your adjustments. Your rising sign determines the boundaries of your houses and the highest point in your chart, influencing both your character and life path.

Adjusting your astrological chart can help you determine your exact time of birth. Also, you can try live psychic readings can help in getting more information about your birthday.

If you have a general idea of your birth time, enter it into your astrology chart program to create a chart. Check your rising sign and see if it matches your personality. If not, adjust your birth time until this happens.

Of course, this approach may seem chaotic. It may not be perfect, but it is a realistic method for conducting your astrological rectification.

It may be helpful to take into account your natural preferences to estimate your birth time. For example, if you are usually more active in the morning, you can start self-assessment at this time. On the other hand, if you tend to be more alert at night, you can start your assessment in the evening.

Sticking with the idea of trying to predict the best time for birth, you can also take note of the moments when you feel most energized and positive during the day. On the other hand, be mindful of the specific time when you usually feel tired or overwhelmed.

Why should you do this? Because some belief systems suggest that these “trigger hours” could help in uncovering information about your birth time or past traumas. How does trauma relate to your birth time? Consider that your birth is a significant traumatic event as you move into a whole new world which can be quite stressful.

Tips to find out your exact time of birth

The most reliable method to determine your exact time of birth is to obtain a copy of your birth certificate. However, suppose you came from a generation that did not prioritize birth certificates or were born outside of a hospital where one was not issued. In that case, there are still alternative ways to estimate your birth time. Here are some suggestions:

Ask your family

Ask your parents, siblings (if you have any), aunts, uncles, or close family friends for information about your birth time. Those who played a significant role in your life from a young age may be able to help you determine the exact time you were born. Even if they don’t have this information, reaching out to them can also be a good way to improve your life.

Call the hospital where you were born

I understand it’s unlikely, but it can’t hurt to pick up the phone and call. Isn’t it worth contacting you to find out your birth time and have a correct astrology chart? If you were not born in a hospital, you can try contacting the doctor or midwife who helped with your birth.

Dig through old family records

Many families have a collection of old, historical items stored in their attic, which could be a valuable discovery. For example, it is common to find records of birth dates and times in the family Bible or birth announcements sent out by parents. You can also find an old family album with a photo of your child and the time of his birth. It is worth exploring these items to uncover the time of your birth, and it can be a nostalgic experience as well.


Astrology can be elegant, fascinating, and surprisingly accurate, but it is not without its flaws. Don’t worry too much if your astrology chart is a little off due to a missing birth time. Even without this information, there are many insights that can be gained from interpreting your astrological birth chart. Also to get answers to the questions that concern it is better to find the best psychic online and perhaps in such cases an astrological chart may not be needed.


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