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10 Amazing Features of Pilates Studio Software


Managing a Pilate studio seems easy when one watches from the other side of the corner. But the scenario is entirely different. This is because studio owners need to maintain the records of membership management, manage payrolls, and advertise their packages. However, manual management takes time and effort, but the Pilates studio software automates routine tasks and saves time.

What are the basic features of the Pilates studio software?

Pilates studio software contains many features that play an important role in revenue generation and building the studio’s reputation. The software enables studio owners to perform targeted marketing, process payments, and allow customers to reserve classes using an online platform. Moreover, there are much more features. In this article, let us explore those features and their functions:

1. Lead management

Managing potential leads and making a strategy for conversion consumes time. However, the Pilates studio software enables studio owners to simplify these tasks. Using the software, they can filter out potential customers and automate the follow-up process. In addition, they can customize the email design to promote their brand name. Furthermore, personalized emails strengthen customer connections and enhance user experience.

2. Payment processing

Customers are often worried about the methods of payment processing. It is because of security concerns. However, the Pilates studio management software secures transactions and maintains confidentiality. In addition, the software enables your customers to pay using standard payment methods such as Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless. At the same time, customers have the option to pay using their debit cards and credit cards. Furthermore, it enables the studio’s customers to pay online and reserve their slots.

3. Waitlist management

Effective waitlist management enhances customer satisfaction and maintains transparency within your studio. The software enables the studio’s customers to reserve their slot when a class is completely booked. Moreover, it automatically notifies customers when a slot gets free. In this way, the software maximizes the class capacity while saving from overcrowding. Most importantly, in this way, studio members can join their desired classes while seeing the schedule.

4. Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing increases the chances of conversion. It is because it is a good technique to grab your customers’ interest. They find their need in the studio’s advertisement and instantly join the class. However, Pilates studio software enables studio owners to run targeted marketing campaigns. It is because the software organizes data and stores information about your customers. That makes it easier for studio owners to run their campaigns according to their requirements. For example, they can get the data of customers of a specific age group and gender with a single click to run a campaign.

5. Scalability

Businesses expand with time, and the number of customers and staff members increases. The users of Pilates studio management software do not face the issue of data storage capacity. This is because the software increases its capacity with the expansion of business. Most importantly, the load of data does not affect performance. In this way, studio owners improve the efficiency of their business and ensure optimal staff performance.

6. Mobile application

The leading brand owners offer mobile applications along with the Pilates studio software. It enables studio owners to perform routine tasks using the mobile application. They can track the attendance records of their staff members and customers. In addition, the mobile application enables them to customize access control systems and increases the security of a studio. At the same time, studio owners can allow their customers to check in and check out from the mobile application.

7. Inventory management

Effectively managing inventory is key to maximizing profits and saving yourself from stock shortages and overstocking. Moreover, the Pilates studio software plays a vital role in maximizing profits with up-selling and cross-selling. Furthermore, the software automatically updates inventory when a product sells.

8. Point of sale (POS) system

A safe and secure point of sale (POS) system creates convenience for your members. At the same time, it enhances the trust of your customers. They can easily place their orders and explore class packages. In addition, the POS system of the pilates studio software secures financial information. Therefore, customers trust paying the website that accepts payments with a POS system. Furthermore, the POS system accepts reward points and gift cards and records all transactions.

9. Video on demand

Some customers prefer working out from their homes. But, it becomes a challenge for studio owners to offer services. The Pilates studio software resolves this problem and enables studio owners to store workout studios in the software. It becomes helpful material for customers when they can not visit the studio to perform exercises. Furthermore, studio owners can add as many videos as they want because the software features scalability. They can keep videos of professionals to help their customers. They can provide these videos to customers on their demand.

10. Facility rental 

The facility rental feature in the Pilates studio software maximizes the profits of studio owners. It enables renting out spaces and pieces of equipment when those are not in use. However, renting out spaces increases brand awareness as well. People who join seminars or special classes get familiar with a space. Furthermore, this revenue becomes an extra stream to generate income.

Final words

Effective management enhances customer experience and brings a good reputation to studio owners. The software removes errors from class scheduling, such as double booking and overlapping of classes. In addition to this, the software automates the process of sending notifications that minimize no-shows.

Furthermore, the software makes payment processing smoother and maintains the record of customers and transactions. The availability of such information saves studio owners from legal liabilities. Therefore, studio owners need to choose the best company to get the services of the Pilates studio software. It enables you to manage routine operations using advanced methods. Customers get convenience, and a studio gets word-of-mouth publicity. 


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