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Who Makes Sports Games Exciting? Fans


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If you play sports as a hobby or are pursuing a sports career, it’s always exciting and something you and your team look forward to. But you know what else makes the games exciting? It’s the passionate fans! The fans make the game fun, and a passionate audience makes the whole thing exciting.

In no order, let’s narrow down which teams and which sports have the most supportive fans.

Three baseball teams in particular have the greatest fan bases. The St. Louis Cardinals are the first baseball team with the best fans. Baseball news is widely circulated in St. Louis, which is regarded as the best baseball city in the nation. Fans gather outside Busch Stadium five hours in advance of every game held in the city. They hang out, eat, and drink at Ballpark Village, which is close to the stadium, and take pictures of the statues outside the ballpark. You won’t ever get booed if you play the game correctly. This is the only location where supporters recognize successful plays made by opposing players.

The Milwaukee Brewers have exceeded other teams by drawing 2.8 million fans in five years and averaging 27,000 per game in the 37th-biggest market. They are a well-liked destination because of their bratwursts, beer, sausage races, and Bernie the Brewer’s slide.

The Philadelphia Phillies are the name given to the fans of this baseball team. They have a devoted fan base and are rarely featured in national headlines, despite their bad reputation. Despite having only won two World Series in its 140-year existence, the city’s baseball team is renowned for its perseverance, responsibility, and winning mentality. Even in losing seasons, fans of the Phillies continue to support players who take ownership of their mistakes and give it their all on the field.

Alec Bohm, who committed three mistakes in a game on April 11 against the New York Mets, is a recent example. Bohm expressed his dissatisfaction with the team and the supporters’ thirst for victory on social media, going viral. Bohm accepted responsibility for his actions and apologized to the fans in spite of the unfavorable response. The next night, when Bohm was introduced as a pinch hitter, the Phillies fans gave him a standing ovation because they believed him. With a.313 batting average, Bohm has led the team in batting since then and has only made two mistakes. This data demonstrates that, even in the face of hardship, a player can be encouraged by the supposedly toxic fan base.

Let us start with Golden State Warriors fans in the sport of basketball. With a 104% attendance rate, the Golden State Warriors have an 8.4 out of 10 supporter index score. With 21.7 million Instagram followers—just over half of the state’s total population—they are the most active fans in their home state. They also have a sizable following on social media.

As one of the most successful teams in the league, the Los Angeles Lakers have among the strongest fan bases in the NBA, with a supporter index score of 7.6. They also rank in the top 10 for percentage attendance and ticket resale prices. They may have the best, loudest, and most informed fans in the league in addition to being well-known for their zeal and loyalty. The Lakers are the most glamorous team in the league, and their Hollywood reputation draws big-name players. But Lakers fans travel better than any NBA fanbase, even when they’re not at home. Lakers forward Malik Monk highlighted the team’s ability to travel well by praising the Lakers fans for making every game feel like a home game.

“Bulls Nation,” the name given to the Chicago Bulls fan base, gained fame for its unwavering devotion and red-and-black outfits. They aren’t your typical fans because they read and conduct research in addition to being game watchers. They support the team with such passion and don’t hesitate to express their pride in it.

Let’s move on to the NFL teams and their supporters, starting with the New England Patriots. The most passionate NFL fans are those whose supporters scored 7.8 on the supporter index. They are the most financially committed to their team because they are prepared to spend more than six times the cost of the least expensive tickets listed in the supporter index.

The Baltimore Ravens’ reputation for being underdogs in sports may have something to do with their defensive mindset. They are a friendly and encouraging community because the fans seem to be close to them and the Ravens are viewed as a part of the fabric.

The devotion of Denver Broncos supporters to the team through good times and bad makes them an incredible fan base. The Broncos, who had lost four Super Bowls, experienced their first taste of victory in Super Bowl 32 after defeating the Green Bay Packers. With more than 400 games played and counting, the Broncos hold the NFL record for the longest current sell-out streak. Tim McKernan, also known as the “Barrel Man,” is a perfect example of the spirit of the Broncos supporters. Since 1977, he has attended almost all home games for the team dressed in cowboy boots, a barrel, and a cowboy hat.

The Broncos community was left empty-handed after he died in 2009, but supporters like the Mile High Monsters—who wear orange pom-poms to remind opponents of their height—continue to honor his memory. Although Denver doesn’t receive much national media attention, the city’s devoted supporters mobilize online and in coffee shops to have players like Floyd Little and Steve Atwater inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Their goal is to bring Randy Gradishar to justice, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

There’s also the Buffalo Bills fan base. BillsMafia is a group of fans who are renowned for having the most outrageous traditions.

Because of the Carolina Hurricanes’ excellent hockey teamwork, one Canadian team has an even more devoted fan base. They tailgate like they’re at an NFL or college football game, and they’re always noisy. After they win, they stay for the storm surge. They are fantastic because they sell out the PNC Arena in what is regarded as a non-traditional hockey market.

The fans don’t mind paying a little bit more for their tickets because they provide positive energy to the team. It has been reported that New England Patriots supporters are the most wealthy; they have been known to pay out as much as $247 for team tickets. This is expected of a team that is among the most dominant in the sport and holds the record for the most Super Bowl victories.

The Kansas City Chiefs supporters are next in line and will not mind paying a little bit extra for tickets. They are prepared to spend less than $200 on tickets to watch their team play. They are the loudest fans because their supporters can speak loudly.

Finally, for a resale ticket, Chicago Bears supporters are prepared to shell out $193. Because of their reputation as one of the most successful teams in terms of league titles—they have 19 wins and a Super Bowl victory—they can pack Soldier Field.

These are just a handful of the teams we highlighted. If we missed your favorite team, here’s another list of the sports teams with the most loyal fans.


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