Home Reviews Why does my Snapchat keep crashing? How do I fix this error?

Why does my Snapchat keep crashing? How do I fix this error?

Why does my Snapchat keep crashing? How do I fix this error?

Snapchat has gained popularity for several years now. It is fun to share snaps among your friends and family. I have been using Snapchat for months now. It has become an important part of our life. However, my friends and I have been facing some issues with the application for a long time now. Issues such as Snapchat is not working, or Snapchat stops suddenly. This article is all about fixing this Snapchat not working error and Why does my Snapchat keep crashing.

Why did my Snapchat stop working?

 It is very common for apps to stop working from time to time. This has happened to almost everyone. Generally, low memory is responsible for slow performance and app crashing. Also, several other uncountable factors can stop Snapchat from working. 

These factors are bad software, viruses on the phone, bad apps, wrong updates, etc. All these factors can affect your Snapchat badly. As a result, you may experience several errors with the apps.

However, there are chances that you can fix it at home. The below-mentioned steps have all the possible solutions one can perform at home and fix it.

What are the steps to fix the “Snapchat keep crashing” error?

Remove Snapchat from quick access.

When we use an application frequently, it gets saved in the background. This results in the leisure performance of the application. Also, the cookies get activated and the application freezes. As a result, the use of Snapchat has become impossible. Sometimes, you may also experience that the app will get crashed within a few seconds of using it.

The best option is to remove the app from the background and relaunch it. 

To force close Snapchat, tap and hold the home screen button for 10 seconds. The recent app screen will appear, showing the recently used applications in the background. Now, you can find Snapchat and close it. Try it and relaunch it.

Keep your Snapchat up-to-date!

It is very important to update the applications from time to time. You may not know this, but half of the software issues get resolved by updating the application. This is because frequent application use increases usage and lowers memory usage. To avoid Snapchat crashing from time to time, it is important to update it.

You can visit the play store on your phone. You will get an option to update the Snapchat application. Kindly update it to fix the Snapchat not working error.

Reinstall the application to remove the error:

Just like updating the application can solve this error, reinstalling is a big help too. If updating the application is not a big help, please try Snapchat reinstallation. It is possible that the current application has been corrupted and needs a permanent fix. Therefore, it is advised to delete the current application and install the new one via the play store.

The other basic troubleshooting steps to fix the error are restarting your phone, clearing the cache, uninstalling unwanted applications, etc.

In the end, you may try these steps, and it will save you from a technician who can ask for a thousand bucks to follow these simple steps. Thank you and take care!


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