Home Mobile Phones A guide on How to clean Iphone Charging port like a pro

A guide on How to clean Iphone Charging port like a pro

A guide on How to clean Iphone Charging port like a pro

The dust particles collected in your iPhone charging port can cause problems for your new or existing iPhone. What to do if your port is not working and to reconnect the power. Learn methods on How to clean iPhone charging ports.

Introduction: How to clean iPhone charging port

 The shock you must have felt in your spine when you get to know that your iPhone charging port is not working. It is terrifying as we jump to the conclusion that the iphone is damaged. Undoubtedly, iPhones are pretty expensive when it comes to repairing them. If you are outsourcing the repairing service because of not finding Apple Care, then it is possible that you have to pay around 199 dollars to replace the motherboard or any hardware.

Thus, we strongly advise you not to jump to any conclusion when you notice that your charging port is not working properly.

The most common reason for the charging port not functioning properly is the debris, lint, dust particles in your charging port. These particles in the port cause issues while providing power to your device. As a consequence, your iphone will not retort to your charging port.

To confirm that your charging port consists of debris and dust particles. Follow the steps below:

  • Take another device and put on the torch to see the dust particles inside the port.
  • Now to check the particles in your charging port, hold your iphone horizontally carefully.
  • Point the flashlight towards the charging port.
  • To see the particle, close one of your eyes and try to spot the debris. 
  • If you see dust particles or lint in your charging port but don’t know how to clean the charging port, then use the following methods.

Why is the Charging port not working properly?

But, Before moving ahead, if you do not spot any debris or dust particles, or lint in your charging port, this may cause you to lose your mind, but do not come to any conclusion yet. There can be other reasons due to which your charging port is not providing power to your iphone. Following are the list of such issues:-

  • Check your cable. Is there any cut, damage, or burnt sign which is creating issues while providing power?
  • It is also possible that your adapter is damaged. Unworking adapter can also cause problems and prevent you from providing power to your iphone.
  • If you drop your iphone accidentally in water, then the liquid inside the port can cause your port not to work properly.
  • Suppose your device does not have enough storage to run programs. Thus, severely hampering its performance and responsiveness.
  • Last but not the least option, Your iPhone is freezing amidst charging due to attacks by viruses and malware.

If you are still unaware of which one is causing problems, then start by removing dust from the charging port. As in most cases, the debris collected in the charging port prevents charging the phone.

Methods to clean the charging port

There are several 5 minutes hack videos available on youtube but do not blindly trust them or use them. These hacks can cause even more damage to your device. When it’s about cleaning the electronic device, we should be more careful as the small mistake can even cost you lakhs. 

  • So, in order to clean your charging port,
  1.  Take a toothpick and wrap cotton around the tip of the toothpick. Move the cotton-wrapped toothpick inside the charging port. Or you can also scrape it slowly. But be extra careful while performing the task. Clean the port by taking out the debris or dust particles. 
  2. Once it’s done, blow the air from your mouth to the charging port and reuse the charger after 5 minutes to check whether it is working or not.
  • You can also use compressed air, which is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. You can easily find Compressed air at your local pharmacist. 
  1. To perform the task, remove the charger and switch off the phone. If your iphone is heated, first cool it down and then hold it horizontally.
  2. Now, the compressed air can blow the air inside the port using its pipe. Make sure that there is at least a 2-3 inches gap between the compressed air can and charging port.
  3. Spray inside the port and wait for 20 seconds and then spray again.
  4. Wait until the substance is vaporized and after 20 minutes, try to charge your phone again.

Note: Please perform method 2 at your own risk. And it is purely for the reader’s knowledge. Neither our website nor Apple itself promotes the method.


I hope you find the article informative and useful. Try the methods very carefully and at your own risk. For more articles, bookmark us!


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