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Nigeria lifts the Twitter ban after seven months

Nigeria lifts the Twitter ban after seven months

Nigeria was able to lift its ban from Twitter seven months after it imposed a ban on the social network site.

Nigeria’s government halted Twitter in June of last year following the company deleted a tweet of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari about punishing regional secessionists.

Authorities have accused the company that runs social media of supporting secessionists.

The government, however, said it would reverse the ban following Twitter agreed to terms, such as opening an office local to Nigeria.

Twitter did not specify whether it had complied with the government’s demands. Still, it did tweet that the company was “pleased” to be restored in Nigeria and declared itself “deeply committed to Nigeria.”

The change allows millions of Africans in the continent’s biggest country to access the platform once more.

A few users were able to access the site following the suspension, using VPNs (VPNs); however, the majority of corporations, including many media companies, had complied with the government’s directives.

According to experts, the ban has resulted in millions of Nigerian economic systems, which is especially true for small businesses that use the platform to reach their customers.

The decision made in the last year by Nigeria’s government caused a worldwide outcry about freedom of expression.

The decision of the social media company to establish a presence in Nigeria showed that it was dedicated to Nigeria, the nation’s agency for the development of information technology said.

The government had imposed a ban on internet service providers to block Twitter and claimed that it was used to compromise “Nigeria’s corporate existence” through the spread of fake news, which could have “violent consequences.”

It happened following Twitter deleted President Buhari’s tweet that referred to 1967 and 1970 as the years of the Nigerian Civil War and to the treatment of “those misbehaving today” in “the language they will understand.”Twitter is well-liked by most Nigerians, and the platform has also been employed as a means of mobilization. For example, the platform was used by activists to garner supporters during protests against police brutality, using the hashtag #EndSars. This received worldwide attention.


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